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I was diagnosed in August 2009 with stage 3+ liver cancer and I need to know anything treatment wise that might help me. I have various tumors from 12 cm to 1 cm and lesions. The Dr. wants to see if I can do chemoembolization as I am not a candidate for surgery due to Hep C damage. I need to know what has worked for you or your loved ones, how can I comfort my mate of 8 years, and how do you motivate your Dr.'s to move faster. Also, is anyone using alternative therapies, and when might marijuana be something to consider for pain, appetite, and nausea? We are really grasping at straws at this point as we have only an HMO which seems to move very slow and is frustrating! I thank God for such a wonderful site as this with great people who have first hand experience that you can't get from doctors. Thank you in advance and Bless you all!

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Dear Valletboy, first I want to tell you that I am sorry to hear about your diagnosis. MY husband was diagnosed with HCC in May and currently is going thru a treatment. By now I know HCC and everything that has to do with it in and out. Chemoembolizations is first choice of treatment if you didn't qualify for surgery or a transplant. It shows to be affective, when it came to my husbands treatment, with minimal side affects and minimal pain, it slowly killing tumor cells, shrinking them and preventing it from further growth.
Keep in mind going thru a treatment, it will not only kill tumor cells it will kill some of healthy liver cells so give you liver a break and space treatment out so liver will not be shocked.And also wanted to tell you that I know man who was diagnosed with stage 4 HCC, and now he is cancer free for 3 years. So good things can come out of the treatment. Hang in there, be strong, and ask me if you want to know more info. Good luck and God Bless!!Maka

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I know this post is old, but am encourage to read that with stage 4 there is hope. I was just diagnosed with an anal cancer from 2008 that has now moved to my liver....stage IV. Trying to remain hopeful, after beating 2 cancers, that I can beat a 3rd. I love a good fight, but this is getting exhausting!!!!

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I personally don't believe in the energy of illness. That said, I must recommend you consider more natural ways to eliminate this energy. All illnesses are energy based, unresolved issues.

There are many unspoken treatments for cancer and other illnesses. Please checkout the video below.


Before you do any invasive treatment, checkout earthclinic.com. Also, read, You Can Heal Your Life by Hays.

I have had many terminally ill friends with cancer and they were told that they didn't have much time to live. Well, they did alternative treatments, clearned their bodies and they are alive 20 years later.

I hope this helps.

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