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Brother In Law just diagnosed with Leukemia...please help with some feedback

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My sister just told me that our brother in law was diagnosed with Leukemia. The type has not be determined. He is hospitalized but they do not have any health insurance. Any feedback or resources would be appreciated. Prayers too, thank you...

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Colleen - have you found any more out about your brother in law? How is he doing? Once you know what kind of leukemia he has, it will be easier to identify resources. The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society would be a good place to start.

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hi my husband was dx in the begining of oct we 2 have no insurance but the hospital social worker has taken all our needed info to get us medicaid i am not sure what state you live in but i believe medicaid is all over i am sure a hospital social worker will contact them god bless you and your family i know it is a schocking and scarey time but all we can do is have faith and pray we are not in control of anything

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