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Post surgery +5 days

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5 days post surgery.

Some major improvements today:
- Pain 99% gone @ incisions. Can even suck in my gut (to a point).
- Went #2 for the first time this morning. Thank you for stool softeners! Went pretty well (except for a burning sensation during #2, and urine momentarily passed outside catheter tube - was told that's normal).
- Cut a hole in the side of my jeans at the knee for the catheter tube. Feel almost like a human again wearing them (instead of sweats).
- No apparent abnormal infections or discharges anywhere.
- Even starting to get used to my ball & chain.
- odd behaviour of the Foley bag - sometimes the antireflux valve fills up & doesn't drain. Seems odd to me. Called Dr, he said he's never seen a situation like that in thousands of usages. Hmmm.

Anyway, Life is good.

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Mine filled once in a while which would also back urine up in the tube. It never backed up more than about 6-10 inches. The whole thing was going in the trash in a few days so I dnd't worry about it.


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