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colon interposition

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Hi, I am a new member to this board and have a question as to whether anyone has had a similar experience to mine and could shed some light on their progress. First I was diagnosed with EC
on Feb 2, 2009. The tumor was at the junction of he esophagus and the stomach and was early stage 2 and considered by 2 doctors to be immediately operable. Unfortunately once inside they found more cancer and took more stomach and esophagus than planned and could not reconnect so I lived 6 months with a G-tube and underwent chemo. My reconnection was on Sept 9 and they used a piece of my colon to rebuild the pathway to my stomach, which is about 20% of it's original size. I had had previous open heart surgery and the previous cancer surgery on the left side so those sub sternum routes were not available, so fearing the right side trip under the sternum was too risky they took the colon straight down to my stomach subcutaneously, on top of my sternum. It is quite an odd sensation, not to mention quite a lump on my chest. All that said my query is this- is there anyone on this board who has had colon interposition who could give me some input on their ability to feed and hydrate themselves sufficiently. I am still on TPN and making progress, but it has been tough. Though they tell me there should be no nerve reaction in the new esophagus since the nerves were cut, I get constant spasms that harden the organ and make it hard to swallow until the spasm subsides. My doctors are addressing it, and i know it is early in the process, but if anyone has any input it would be greatly appreciated.

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