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Life with Mom..Some chuckles

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I am in NY with her and so far have managed the meds. wrong, cooked the chicken the wrong way, broken the washer (the load was unbalanced) and parked the car head first vs. backed it in. I eat poorly, and sleep too much :) Clearly, Mom is thrilled that I am here. LOL. Actually, we are getting along very well, and I am learning that my job is to do what she asks when she asks, and if I do anything I "shouldn't" in the "wrong" way, she will very clearly let me know. I have now figured out that my coming was a ploy on her part to get out of the hospital early and back to her apartment (not my sister's house). You see, she convinced everyone she would have someone taking care of her. Actually, she knew she would have someone to boss around and she could do whatever she wanted. LOL. Sly as a fox I would say. She is amazing. One week out of major surgery and she is cooking her own dinner, and doing remarkably well. She is quite funny. She calls me when needed and I run. Then I go back to my couch when dismissed!! I actually purchased her a little servant bell today.. she didn't want it as she preferred to "yell for me". She calls me Hazel....You know, in the face of cancer and pain, and fear, we are laughing every day over little things such as "I made too much rice last night" and stirred the rice when SHE burned it tonight!! Clearly, a major faux pax!!!! She is loving being able to make fun of everything I do, and she is regaining her sense of control in her own apartment. My sister and I laughed today when I told her I purchased the wrong size coffee, Wendy laughed and said she did that last month....Ahhh the little joys in life when cancer calls...It's actually quite fun and these are memories we will have forever in the face of horror, we are still laughing...Hard to believe it was 3 months ago when I first came to this board ...... thank you all for your support and I hope you all have some laughs with your loved ones too...It takes away the nastiness of the ugliness...

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