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Post surgery +4 days

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It's been 4 days since surgery.

First milestone reached - I'm off pain meds as of last night. Might take an ibuprofen, but probably no more vicodin.

Also, walked about 1/4 mile yesterday. Hope to expand to 1/2 mile today.

Catheter issues:
1. This morning, the little sight glass at the top of the catheter started filling up / not draining. Started to panic a bit but then disconnected tube at the other end and it immediately drained. Must have been a vacuum lock. Wonder if I'm draining the bag right - am I supposed to disconnect tube when draining or can everything be left connected? (I have a Foley).
2. Started experiencing some pain this morning end of penis. Probably not lubricating enough - I vow to lube at least every couple hours.
3. No action at #2 yet, but I'm always slow about that. Milk of mag, stool softener & prunes all being employed.

Still sleeping in the recliner. Just can't get comfortable in bed. Hope to try again tonight cause the recliner is not a good way to get deep sleep.

Was notified yesterday that insurance will pay for VED, so it's on the way (not that I'll be able to use it any time soon).

Overall, it could certainly be worse. Just looking forward to catheter removal next Thursday.


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Sounds like things are improving by the day. Congratulations on that.

You are right on with trying to lengthen your walks. Everyone will tell you that W&W are the quickest ways to recovery. Walking as much as you can helps the body recover from the surgery and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Drinking as much water as you can helps to keep the system flushed and maintain elasticity in the bladder, which you will need when the cath is removed. You will by nature start to think about how much you drink after they take the cath out, so go for it now and drink all you want and can.

Try not to let the cath interfere with the walks. Stay lubed, fasten down the tube with tape or straps or whatever so movement does not cause irritation and keep walking. It is the best thing you do for yourself right now.

Here's hoping that when the cath is removed you have a very speedy recovery to continence.

Good idea to order the pump now. Your doc should provide you with a rehab program for that area that may include some of the ED drugs. The drugs are helpful for the continuation of blood flow and not necessarily trying to get you to the fully functioning stage at this time.

The nurse in charge of the Penile Rehab program for my doc explained it this way. The male body is self regulating to keep blood flowing to the penis. Nocturnal erections are the method for doing this. While we may not realize it, men normally experience 4-6 of these per night. It is just nature's way of working. I am on the low dose of Cialis (5mg), one per day, and have been since week 3 following surgery. While the meds are primarily there to facilitate the blood flow mechanism, I am also starting to see signs that I am beginning to respond to stimulation as well. I am only 5 weeks post surgery. I'll take it as a good sign.

Keep posting as you progress. Your posts will help the next guy who finds this site as he begins his own journey down the PCa path.

Good luck and God bless,


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Thanks Sonny - interesting concept on nocturnal erections.
I've used Cialis before and have found it very effective, but very expensive. I'm hoping the VED is a cheaper way to achieve the same result.
Walking is a problem today because the weather outside is horrible. I'm trying to walk up/down steps indoors instead.

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Yes it is expensive and a crying shame that the insurance companies treat it as a recreational drug when it comes to recovery from PCa treatment. My insurance company won't approve more than 5 pills per month and that at a co-pay of $60 for the 5 pills. So I asked my pharmacist how much for me to buy the 30 doses (5mg) at retail cost and she said $120.00.

There is definitely something wrong with the math with the insurance company. But that's another story.

What I did do though was schedule an appt with my local Uro following my return home from surgery. Nice guy and very understanding when we discussed the drugs and insurance. He went out and came back with samples for a 7 week supply of the 5mg and a package of 7, 20mg pills for me to try when I was ready for a test of full functionality.

Maybe you should talk to your local doc about him giving you some samples. They are in all the Uro's offices and it doesn't cost them anything to give them away.

Give it a shot, what do you have to lose.

Keep us updated,


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Hi Jim I also had the foley and never disconnected it while draining. Just opened the valve and let it flow. As for pain at the tip my doctor gave me surgical lube abd I had slight discomfort but absolutely no pain.

One thing to remember the bag should be below the bladder at all times if possible as drainage is dependent on gravity and wont flow up.

I had a problem when trying to lie down. I had a sharp pain in my right shoulder for 2 days so didnt sleep in bed until day 3 or 4.

Careful on the stool softeners as when I finally went it really went. When the catheter is removed you will feel like a new person so remember the 2 W's walking and water as they help in healing and bladder health.

So far your recovery sounds normal to me (had my davinci on Sept 3rd of this year) remember keep a positive outlook and good luck and god bless as you move forward.

Just went back to work after 5 1/2 weeks and do all I did before. I work in a sawmill so lifting is a daily thing for me.

Again best wishes,


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