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im 22 and i havent been fully blown diagnosed with cancer yet but i was told today that there was an abnormal growth on my right boy and there was a 50-50 chance that it was cancerous. idk guys i climb towers for a livin im not scared of too much, God and my dad have about covered it all my life. but i just dont know how to feel about this it started sunday i went to the ER because i thought i had a hernia and he gave me some pain pill and sent me on my way. i went back monday because i couldnt even get out of the bed and he did an ultrasound and found the growth(tumor). and did blood work. well the urolagist wanted to see me today so i went down there today and he doesnt know anything hasnt seen anything. and i dont know i havent been able to sleep these past 2 nights been outa work all week so theres nothing to do but think about it. i mean i guess my main question is if it is cancer am i gunna definatly lose one of my boys? and im less than a year from getting married so is the one boy thats left gunna be able to do the work of 2?
i dont know i have never been so worked up about anything like this and i know that i may not have this but i MIGHT and that MIGHT is what scares me the most. i really need some feed back just something please. thanks jeremy

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Waiting sucks. Not knowing sucks. A lot of the advice that I have heard when dealing with cancer was to live in the now and let the big questions get answered later. This is very difficult. Some information that will help is that you can still have children with 1 testicle and treatment has come a LONG way to improve the comfort of the patient. I went through 10 weeks of chemo and only missed 9 days of work (though I do have a desk job).

Before you worry too much about what to do after treatment get the big answer. Is it or is it not cancer?

In the meantime something you can do is learn everything there is to learn about the disease. Not knowing anything cause anxiety. So know what you can:


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