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fluid build up in the pelvic area

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Hi I just got back my CT and it doesn't look too good. I've been in the fight for 3 years but now the CT shows "perihepatic, perisplenic, and pelvic ascites with increased omental nodularity". And we're supposed to understand this?? I did some research and it sounds like fluid around the site of the original tumor that was removed 3 years ago. Has anyone had this before and if so is there anything that can be done about it??

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I hope and pray that it will work it self out.


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Periherpatic= surrounding the liver

Perisplenci= around the spleen

ascites= An effusion and accumulation of serous fluid in the abdominal cavity.

omental= The great, or gastrocolic, omentum forms a great sac, which is attached to the stomach and transverse colon, is loaded with fat, and covers more or less of the intestines; the caul. The lesser, or gastrohepatic, omentum connects the stomach and liver and contains the hepatic vessels.

Nodularity means lumpy.

I don't know how they'd expect you to understand this! It doesn't sound good, tho. Have you spoken to your doctor? Have you seen www.mondofacto.com

I wish I knew your first name, but God knows and I'm praying right now.


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Hi Diane,
Thank you so much for the info. I looked so much on the Internet but nothing was a clear as this. I know it's not good though. I am worried. Thanks

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If it's what I think it is, then they can drain it out with a needle. This happened to someone I know and she would go in and they would suck it out. Her fluid build up was quite large though and she looked pregnant until they drained it.

But yours could be something else. Didn't they tell you anything?

peace, emily

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I post on the esophageal board, but often read the posts on this board. I have ascites and have to get the fluid drained every once in awhile. I am beginning chemo again tomorrow and that will hopefully help take care of the ascites building up, as mine is full of cancer cells. If you get the fluid drained, they will test it for cancer. Your doc should have described everything to you. I wish you the best!

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I read that it was and end stage but I don't feel like an end stage and I don't feel pressure, symptoms or fatigue. I still walk at least 3.5 miles a day and do my regular activities. This is scaring me for sure.

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