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Update on Al

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Hi Everyone,

Al is up and walking the hall today. He only has one drainage tube and his feeding tube.
He will be having his barium swollow late this evening or tomarrow. The nurse called
to check to see if I would be taking care of his feeding tube and other things. There is a slight chance that he may be coming home tomarrow, a very slight chance. He actually would like to wait a few more days because of how sore he is. I said you can be just as sore at home in your own bed.

My only concern is that they are rushing things! I really don't think so I don't think
that Dr. Luketich would ever let that happen.

I want to thank you all again for all of your well wishes and prayers for both Al and myself, you all have been so wonderful in keeping my sprits up.

I will continue to keep you posted and am also keeping on eye on Betty's post because her
turn is next.

It feels so good to post positive things and to be able to let people know that no matter
what there Is always HOPE.
God Bless

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Wow Kath, can't believe Al is being told he can go home and he sounds like he is doing swell, walking etc. My prayers will continue for a speedy recovery and good health for Al!!! take care,

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Wow! He's up and walking and has only one drain tube. Sounds like everything is going superb! If the dr.'s say he can go home, that's wonderful news! I'm so glad everything went well with the surgery and now his recovery is going well too.
Thanks for the updates ~ keep us posted.

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BRAVO! to you both !!!! and your medical team.
I'm new to this site. I'm a slow and steady survivor of a few things and see nothing wrong with "easy does it" (but do it!).
Due to a surgery last week I am very in touch with how much I can hurt and how scary it was for my family when they brought me home. I would take a few more days to be more sure or comfortable with the transition to home. I'm aware my sentiment may not be in the majority
but you've been in crisis for months! It's over. You've both been through so much. A gentler transition can't be so bad for you. Al I hope you don't mind but your progress is going to be important for me to watch as my own Esophagus surgery is pending. I hope what ever decision you make works well for both of you.

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This is great. Al can come home soon!!! I'm just so happy for you!!! It's amazing how that surgery works and so quick to be able to come home. I agree, the germs are terrible in hospitals so if he can come home and rest that will be good. I'm so happy for you both!!


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Hi All,

Al is having his swollowing study today at around 11:00. They will have the results buy
the time the Dr. come back the usually come back around 5:00 pm. The nurse said he will have to be on oral pain meds and clear liquids before he can come home. So we are looking now looking at Sunday. His last drain is almost clear which is very good.

Thanks again to all of you for your support and comfort!!! I took so long for us to get
to this point, I am going to enjoy this for awhile before I start thinking about the next
round of treatments.

Thanks again for all of your support and prayers.
I will of course keep you all posted as I know that many of you are watching for yourselves and your loved ones.

God Bless you All.

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