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No blood supply to a cyst and node, can it still be cancer? Clear cyst as well.

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I was wondering if anyone knows anything about this? This is what I have been told about my cyst and the feeling was that because there was no blood supply to the cyst and node that since cancer needs that to grow then it isn't cancer. The cyst and node are growing but just slightly and the feeling is that it is just a benign cyst then.

Any thoughts or experiences with this kind of situation? Thanks. Bluerose

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Hi Blue, it does sound like a cyst, even amongst my tumors I have a fluid cyst that does not go away. I guess the Drs can tell the difference, by the makeup and that it is not being fed. I pray that is the truth for you too and now can relax in the diagnosis.

Think of you often, hugs ♥ prayers Bonnie

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Thanks for the posting response Bonnie. All through my path to find out what this thing is no one has ever talked about this blood supply issue as one of the red flags or not. I wish they would tell us more about how they know if it is or isn't cancer - we can handle it. This surgeon was very good in talking to me like a person and not 'just another patient with no intelligence' and it was indeed comforting to know that this was not a red flag to him because of this blood suppy issue. He is monitoring me closely though in case something developes, my next ultrasound with him is Nov 13th and the analysis with him 4 days later. I will have an ultrasound every 3 months to watch it and if, God forbid, there developes a question mark he will take me right into surgery shortly afterwards but let's hope that won't be necessary.

It's just so important to trust in your doctor, and his nurse is awesome too, and really work WITH him/her on your health care. I feel taken care of now, it was a fight to get him - he is a gyne/onc - and already his expertise has showed itself to me many times over.

Thanks for the support Bonnie. Hugs, Bluerose

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I think you have finally found a doctor that you can communicate with and tells it like it is, Bluerose.
Yes, tumors have to have a blood supply. In fact some chemos interrupt this blood supply in their workings. You are one lucky gal!!! Rejoice!!! Saundra

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Yup that's what he said and it made total sense to me. My health is delicate when it comes to general anaesthetic so I think waiting is a good idea at this stage with no red flags showing to him. You're right, sure took alot of work to get to this surgeon and just knowing we can communicate so well and he treats me like I have half a brain sure makes the difference. Most would just say they didn't think it was cancer and leave it there but he gave me reasons and that built confidence in me.

I mean there is still a tiny chance it is or could grow into a cancer but so far so good and he will monitor closely with ultrasounds every 3 months considering my cancer history so I feel okay with the way it sits now and now have a good doc on board, his nurse if fabulous too. My next ultrasound to check on this thing is Nov 13th and he will meet with me 4 days later to talk about what he sees. First sight of anything and he will get me into an O.R. right away.

Thanks for your validation and caring Saundra. Hope things are well with you and yours. Blessings, Bluerose

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I do want to say that when I had my internal ultrasound you could see the blood supply though the tumor and mine was cancer. So it sounds like good news for you.

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