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need doctor for 2nd opinion in NC-any suggestions

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My husband went to doctor today to get results of CT scan he had yesterday. Well, the floor has fell out from under us. We were thinking we would get a good cancer report, which we did. But then the bad news came. colon cancer surgery last September, had leak 2 weeks later and ileostomy was put on. April the ileostomy was removed and he was reconnected. He went for colonscopy in July-no signs of trouble. Today we get the bad news. Doctor said we will wait 3 months and he will be checked again IF he does not start running a fever. He said if he goes back in he will probably have permanent bag. He was stapled back together and doctor said it was leaking around staple. What do we do now? Anyone living in NC that can suggest doctor for second opinion. We feel like time bomb getting ready to go off - waiting to have fever.

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