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to ma64, cobra,goldielocks,indy,joyzee, catcon &all who cared

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Im feeling a lot better now which Im sure transfers to my bride. yesterday she did not want get out of bed. I gave her a while and talked her in to going to therapy for another problem she has. after that we went to lunch. she ate very well came home ,took a nap and she woke up looking so much better inside and outside.My three sisters from TN FL GA came to see her today and God she is a new person. thanks for caring red

PBJ Austin
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Hello Red, I just read your story on the other discussion and I'm glad you are feeling better. Most of us on this board know what it is like to get a scary diagnosis that you weren't expecting. Last March my beautiful young sister (than age 25) was diagnosed with brain cancer so I understand how you feel. It's so hard at first but the key is to keep a positive attitude. My sister is so courageous and determined to beat this and she has given strength to all of us in the family. If you ever need to chat we are always here.

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Positive sttitude and support are always important and underrated, I am glad to hear some good news. I realize that its hard, but keep up with the positive attitude and support it does go full circle. Our Prayers and thoughts are wiith you and your bride..

Our Prayers and Best to You, Your Bride and Your family,

Dan (cobra) and Margi Harmon

Keep us imformed we're here for each other, so let us know whats up.

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It is very hard to stay positive. Unfortunately, my mom is a little tired and angry right now - but not the right kind of angry like she's going to kick the cancer's a**. It's hard everyday and I keep on her to get up and do things and eventually she will do more, so good for you for helping her up and out of the house. I really think it works to try and get back to your routine. My mom has only been out of the house on an outing 4 times so far and once was to get her hair cut and her nails done. This helped her feel a little better. Maybe a nice treat like that might help your bride!

My grandfather passed away a few years ago and we miss him very much. He was an amazing man and all my life he always told me to keep remembering and PRACTICING these three simple words and I could accomplish anything I wanted. The words are:

Perserverance, Determination and Fortitude

I try to pass that along to everyone. It has helped me get through some of the most trying times in life.

I will keep you and your bride (love the reference!) in my thoughts and prayers. Please pass along the words of encouragement - everything helps no matter how little or small.

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