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Hey Guys ..... I finally dug up Kimby's phone number and gave her a call. She has been having some issues but I told her she could tell you guys about that. She is hoping to be posting again by the week-end. She is OKAY though. I told her we were all thinking and praying for her.

Peace....... Jennie

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Thanks so much, Jennie! I'm so glad you were able to talk with her and that she's okay.

God Bless,

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Thanks I will look forward to her post! patti

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Thanks for checking up on Kimby. I have been missing her!!


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Posts: 1792
Joined: Apr 2009

You are all welcome. We should all have at least 1 contact on this board who can check on us. I know if anything ever happened to me you all would not know as my husband or family has no idea how to get to this site. Just an idea... a contact buddy


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Thanks for contacting her. I'm glad that she is doing ok. I have been thinking of her so often and missing her posts. I agree with you about the contact person. My husband would have no clue how to get to this site. I also tried to PM Jonnybegood today and she doesn't accept private messages so I'm concerned about her as well. Glad Kimby will be posting shortly - I miss her inspiration.


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Since pm's don't get forwarded to home emails, we can't even check on people who are MIA that way. I'd tried Johnnybegood myself. She's never given us a name, either. :o( Hope she's okay.

Fight for my love
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I was thinking of her too.Thank you very much,Jennie for letting us know how Kimby is doing.Hopefully she will be back to the board soon.

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Jennie! You rock! Thank you so much for calling her and telling us. I miss Kimby A LOT and how nice of her to know that her absence is noted and her presence is missed.

Years ago I told my hubby how to get on here in case of well....termination at any time.

He used to lurk but hasnt in ages. He's the one who came up with the term Semi-colons when I first came on here in 2001. I used to hang in the chat room because there was no action on the boards back then. He used to sit next to me as I "chatted" and one night he made some joke about the colon survivors being Semi-colons (he has a great sense of humor) and so the term stuck. I'm sure he wasn't the first one to think of it, but he started it on here and look what's happened.... :-)


Thanks again Jennie.

peace, emily

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That's great! Thanks so much for checking on her.


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That she is doing relatively ok. Marie

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I was growing more and more concerned about her! Thank you for letting us know about Kimby! I remember the last we heard she was in the hospital.

I hope she is well enough to post by this weekend! Would love to hear from her!


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I'm so glad she's ok! thanks for calling her! I look forward to seeing her again, I have missed her alot as well.

My kids have my password and nicks to ALL the sites I go too, I even wrote it down for them in case anything happens to me. That's how Shana was able to get here and let you all know I was in the hospital. She sometimes reads these posts as well, just to give her some hope and encouragement that there are survivors out there, and has high hopes I'll be one of them! So you will hear from her I'm sure should anything happen to me again :)


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My sign on name/ username and password are the same on all the sites I visit. Hubby knows that and so do my kids. I don't plan to go anywhere, but if one of the planes from Atlanta Hartsfield decides to land on top of my house, they'll check in and let everyone know. :o)

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Same nick and same pass on all my sites as well, kids know it, but hubby hates PC, and doesn't use it. :)


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Paula G.
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Thanks Jennie. I've been thinking about her. Paula

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For the info.


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