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Well, we visited the oncologist this past week, as his radiation doctor said something looked different on his CT scan on his liver, (of course we were not told this) so his oncology doctor did a PET SCAN, which shows everything from head to toe, we went to that doctor on this past Monday the 19th and he told us nothing i repeat nothing is on the Liver, everything showed up fine, and this doctor has never lead us wrong yet, so I know in my mind and heart there is nothing there, we were so relieaved as we thought OH NO not again just 3 months out, you know you always wondered. Then today Wednesday we went to get another EGD so that his esophogus could get stretched to be able to swallow a little better which came through fine, the doctor said he can stretch it anymore or he would perforate it, said that he had a nerve cut in surgery so that is why he has problems, he said to chew chew chew, and be very careful, so we got good reports there. We went to eat breakfast at braums and Jeff said he could really tell the difference, so I am glad. Now all we have to do is see the oncologist every 3 months and to get his port flushed every 6 weeks.

I know Jeff has had a long road to get where he is at today, and being a caregiver i will say it is probably the hardest road I have ever walked, who would of ever thought we would be fighting cancer, in the year of 2009. I have not only been inspired by so many people on this site, i have become attached to several people on this site, if it wouldn't have been for Bill and Loretta Marshall and Kitten0385 I wouldn't be where I am at today, When I first signed on I was like a baby in diapers, but as I journeyed the road of cancer, I have certainly grown to the BIG GIRL PANTIES, but only because I had too, I cried tears everyday, when Jeff wasn't around, I thought to myself how in the world will I get through this, but you know GOD gave me that strength to do it, and I am so thankful that he did.

Just like AL, Kathy had to walk the road before she could get him to where he is today, Now Al will be a survivor of EC Cancer, it wasn't an easy road for her either.

I want to say to all the ones out there waiting for surgery or been told they cant do surgery to make sure you get a 2nd opinion it can be done, I know this and it works, you have to change your lifestyle a little, and your food options, but to have your husband, father mother, brother sister, alive and with you is okay to change things around than to not have them with you at all.

Please continue to pray for us and everyone on this site, Yes Jeff is a survivor but the doctor said until he is cancer free for 2 years we still have to worry from time to time.

For Kitten, please get well we miss you on this site, for K_ANN your dad to will have this surgery soon, for Betty, and Wildgoose your turn is coming, and for BETTY IN VEGAS, yours is happening tomorrow.

I love you all and having this site is a blessing

Take care
Lori and Jeff aka moe and papa

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