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I would like to start a Birthday Thread of anyone who wants to join in. This way I will not forget anyones B-Day /Special Day.

We could also add our NED Day as well. I will go first

DOB: 6-30-64
NED: 7-10-06

Julie 44
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Joined: Oct 2008

Thats a cool thing to do thanks.


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Joined: Jan 2009

...Mine is:

DOB: 02/17/65
NED: Probably never

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Joined: Aug 2009

To Someday Soon!

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Joined: Sep 2009

Can probably guess from my login name:

DOB: 10/29/54
NED: Not yet


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Nana b
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DOB: 2/6/1958
DOD: 11/25/2008
NED: 9/24/2009

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DOB 12/29/1950
DX 01/07/2009
NED 01/07/2009

My diagnosis and NED are the same. Saw Gastro on New Year's Eve. Had colonoscopy on 1/2/09 and doctor suspected tumor was cancer. Saw surgeon on Monday, CT scan the next afternoon and surgery the next day. Dx'd at surgery and all cancer removed.

Surgeon also did a liver biopsy (saying.... "I was right there anyhow") which was clean as a whistle. Had gallbladder removed in April and the surgeon took pictures of my liver and gave them to us. Not too many people have 4 X 5 glossies of their healthy liver. :o)

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Joined: Sep 2009

DOB 10-02-
NED not yet!

amyboston's picture
Posts: 92
Joined: Oct 2009

DOB: 07/14/47

DOD: 10/6/09

Surgery: 11/13/09 (upcoming)

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Joined: Feb 2009

DOB: 6/14/58 (Flag Day)
NED: 10/09/09 (actually got all cancer March 26, 2009 due to surgery and just did follow up CT)

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Joined: Jul 2009

DOB 10-09-57
NED 06-07-08

idlehunters's picture
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Joined: Apr 2009

DOB 03-07-57
NED PET scan 10/26/09.... cross your fingers

Posts: 965
Joined: Nov 2008

DOB: 11/10/69
DOD: 11/10/08
NED: 02/20/09

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I'm a caregiver, but for what it's worth,

DOB 8/4/64

And, on another note I can't help but notice how many 1960s birthday are on this list, now mine too. I had called my PCP on Monday because I wanted to schedule a colonoscopy. There's been a fair amount of cancer in my family and my mother has a history of precancerous polyps (so far they've caught them all in time!). Even with that, they said I'm too young but the doctor is willing to meet with me to talk about it (appt in a couple weeks). John was diagnosed right after his 49th birthday with stage 3, and they told him if he had gotten scoped in his early 40s they probably could have cured it. Needless to say, I would really like to get scoped.

on a brighter note, it's been a long time since anyone has said "you're too young"


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Joined: Jan 2009

Good luck with that colonoscopy! I had suggested a colonoscopy to my gyno just a couple years ago, who told me I couldn't have one till I was 50, and here I am at Stage 4, and never had one sympton of cancer! I'm glad you're getting checked, better to be safe then sorry! I was dx'd just a month before my 44th. They always say you're too young, but that's bunk, you're never to young to have cancer. Hope all works out with you, and let us know how it went!

Though, on a lighter note, you're right, it doesn't hurt to hear "you're too young" LOL


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not quite understanding this one

Posts: 965
Joined: Nov 2008

Date of diagnosis.

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Joined: Aug 2008

Date of Birth-9-1-54
NED-6 months ago

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Another great thread!

DOB Oct 4, 1957 Think Sputnik!
DOD Aug 23, 2004
NED 1)Apr 2005; 2)Oct 4, 2007; 3) ???

Rob; in Vancouver

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Posts: 605
Joined: Aug 2009

DOB: 12-22-70
NED: Someday soon!

Posts: 5
Joined: Sep 2009

DOB: 6/15/60 - yes - another baby boomer here
NED: not yet
DOD: 6/8/09

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DOB: 12/20/1962
DOD: 8/15/08
NED: 4/10/08
Came back: 10/21/09 but still fighting

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Joined: Mar 2003

DOB: 12/02/67
Dx: 10/03/01
NED: 01/22/02

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Joined: Jan 2009

Good one Stacy! LOL!


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DOB: 5/2/1962
DOD: 10/16/2009
NED: not yet



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Joined: May 2008

DOB 1/23/1952
DOD 5/14/2008
NED 10/23/2008 (liver resection)

cheers, Leslie

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Joined: Mar 2009

dob 22 may 1976
ned hopefully after ct scan god willing after the 14th dec 09

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DOB: 03/02/42
DOD: 11/28/05
NED: 12/02/05


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Posts: 1482
Joined: Sep 2006

Keeping the information coming :)

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Joined: Jun 2009

DOB 8/28/52
DOD 10/17/07
NED - Not sure. emergency surgery 10/17/07 for bowel obstruction. found the cancer.8/32/lymph nodes positive Stage IIIc. I hadn't had a colonoscopy so they didn't know if there was more. Had a colonoscopy about 3 months after surgery during chemo- all clear. S oooo I think I'll go from the surgery date. That would make it 2 yrs NED.Yeah! What do you think?

Blessings to all

Debbie (gramma)

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