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Any parents living with adult child, both have cancer???? WOW

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My mom wants to know if anybody else has lived with their adult child, while both having and undergoing treatment for cancer??? She feels like they are the only ones, yet believes that certainly others have had the same situation. Would love to hear from you!
Wow, really? The dynamics for them are really unique in some ways, and in other ways are certainly uncommon in a commonly shared world of people living, and dying, with cancer. Mom still feels it's such a lonesome burden, to not know of anyone else. Certainly not that she would EVER wish the situation on anyone,No. I guess I may not know quite how to explain it for her....
She is stage IV recurrent breast cancer, my brother stage IV recurrent nasopharyngeal cancer. Both have been sick for almost 5 years.
Well, maybe someday I can be of some help to others, because it is amazing and heart wrenching both, to be there and see and feel all the ups and downs of their daily lives. They have great, but very busy, doctors. Not so many people outside of the cancer community though at all. I have read so many posts on this site that have had useful information and encouragement to share. For that I am very appreciative. Thanks to all....

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