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MM in 88 year old

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Hello all, My elderly uncle lives with my husband and I. He has been going to the doctor for the last several months because of abnormal blood and urine tests. He has had xrays, scans, MRI's and such. After 3 differest specialists, we landed at the hematologists. Apparently they think he may have MM. Last week he had a marrow biopsy. Results not in yet. Don't know for sure but the dr implied to me that he probably has MM. What in the world will they give an 88 year old? I imagine he is too old for Chemo. He had a clear bone survey; dr said if positive, he is in the very early stages of the disease. My uncle is in no pain and feels pretty good for a man of his age. He walks everyday. Should he just live with it and be glad that he has lived this long? Thanks, JoAnne

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Hi JoAnne,

If your uncle's test comes back positive for MM, I would recommend you discuss Velcade treatment with his doctors. I was recently diagnosed with MM (09/01/09) and was put on the Velcade regimen to achieve lowered cancer cells with the least damage to my stem cells, as I am a stem cell transplant candidate, partly because I am only 47, but also because we caught my disease early.

I have had very few side affects from the Velcade regimen, with the worst being slight nausea and mild fatigue. Oh, and it has not caused me to lose my hair! : )

Best of luck to you and your uncle!

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