"Thank-you to the Old timers"

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I want to send my personal thanks to the "old-timers" who continue to post & tell their stories. I know that once someone is "cured" or NED it is important to get back into a "normal" life and life is busy. I really appreciate it when people who have "won" this battle come onto the board take the time to share their success stories. Frankly I don't care so much that "old timers" don't know the latest treatments; that's what our medical teams and others on this board can help us with. What the "old timers" provide is hope which is so key for all of us. I include as "old timers" anyone who has fought or is fighting this disease for a number of years. Some of these people didn't post on this website until recently but I really appreciate hearing their stories.

Please keep posting, even if occaisonally; I am really benefitting from your experiences that you share.

Thanks again!


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    Thank you
    Dear AnneCan,

    I don't know what category I fall into but I really benefit from old timers and new timers. I'm 2 years out from Stage IIIc with no recurrence. I didn't find this wonderful forum until recently. It has been such a blessing to me. I receive so much from all of you. Hopefully I will be able to contribute and help some along the way. All of our experiences are important and helpful to share with one another. I understand if you can't hang out here much but I hope you will pop in and bless us with your wisdom.

    Thanks to all,

    Debbie (gramma)