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one down, three to go on Rituxan

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and 3 to go but I wanted to THANK YOU all for sharing your stories and knowledge of the potential side effects proved to be most beneficial.

The whole process took 5.5 hours. Started with tylenol and benedryl, two hours into the infusion the side effects kicked in. First itchy eye, nose, then ears and throat, felt like I couldn't swallow then short of breathe. Notified the nurse who administered another round of benedryl. Then the hard chills kicked in and the tears just poured down my face. I didn't feel like I was crying but they wouldn't stop. They administered a round of cortisone and stopped the infustion for 1/2 hour until my body had calmed down. From then on, all went well and other than the large bruise nothing left to show for it. I came home and slept two hours while my husband who stayed with me during the whole time, went to work out, the stress got to him as equally.

I felt I was one of the lucky ones as others came and went with their ports installed.

Thank you all for opening your lives and experiences as our words can all help each other as angels watching over. Much prayer=much power. Regards, Sheila
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thats great news sheila,

thats the worst one over, should be all plain sailing from now on... the infusion time will be halved and before you know it this will all be a distant memory.

good luck, patrick

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