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Prostate enlargement.

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In april 05 I was diagnosed with Colo Rectal Cancer. Rectum and anus was removed. Result I have no rear opening. Cancer has been gone for these four years.

I am unable to have the finger wave that the doc used to do every six months, I do have a PSA done every six months at my request.

My question is, How can Prostate Enlargement be detected????

I am a 67 year old man and we all know it is going to enlarge sometime.

Thank you,,,Jimbob

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Sorry to hear of your cancer. Have you also had prostate cancer or just worried about possible enlagement?

I would assume that monitoring the PSA would suffice but if you were really concerned and you still have a prostate then They could also do an ultrasound. From the ultrasound they can calculate the size of the prostate and would be able to determine if it is enlarged.


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Thank you Larry.

I did not have prostate Cancer. However with the Rectal area sewed shut I was just wondering about detection.

It is interesting that today I was having lunch with my Favorite WOCN and we were talking about this subject as her Husband had a High PSA count on his last check.

She suggested a CT scan to look at the prostate. Your suggestion of the Ultra Sound also has merit. I will talk to my PCP about this shortly.

Thanks for the response.

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My sympathies for your loss, Jimbob, and congratulations that your rectal stuff seems to work, or so you imply. I don't have much to add except that the finger-poke isn't all that great anyhow--in a healthy anus-rectum-etc.,the Dr. can still poke only one side of the prostate. PSA, to my knowledge, is more dependable--if it increases, the prostate has some sort of trouble. John

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