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protocel/ Cancell, do they work?

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Hi everyone,
I need your expertise. I know a lot of you juice and watch what you eat. My dad has colon cancer, mets to the liver and now the lungs. A family member gave me info on Protocel/Cancell, an antioxidant supplement that combats free radicals. Has anyone heard of this? I am so leary of alternative meds, but I think we are running out of options. My dad is back on chemo and has been told that cure is no longer an option, he is 72 years old. I am open to anything, I just don't want to get sucked in to a scam. Any info at all would be appreciated.


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I lost my dad in 1994 and can sympathasize with you. Unfortunately, all the information that we have access to now was not available then. Take a look at the info below and maybe it will be helpful to you. Take a look at the last website especially as it looks very promising.

I found some info online where you can find other alternatives. But, throughout most of the links, Hoxsey is mentioned repeatedly. When you go on the website, there is a clinic in Mexico that treats for about $3,500 (US). Also, under the link to the left that says "Directory of Clinics", they list clinics that offer some type of Holistic Treatment. I would expect that the doctors in the U.S. would be more expensive, but I am not sure. http://www.cancure.org/hoxsey_clinic.htm

I found a great site that has alot of info on alternatives:

This is a link I found for a preventive diet:

**This link was the most interesting of all - there is a link for a 3-part preview of a movie that I suggest that you watch, I wish I would have had this information a year ago. I could have maybe given it to my daughter's in-laws and helped to save her father-in-law's life. There is an italian doctor that seems to cure cancer with a simple bicarbonate mixture: http://www.cancerfungus.com/

I hope this is helpful...Good luck and God bless.

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yes, it works. i have a personal testimony of it.it cured many people. it is certainly worth trying because even if it does not cure, if will do no harm. contact me by email for more information.

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I am new to this site and don't know how to contact you. But will can you give more information about or your experience with use of protocel?

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