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Liver hypodensity

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I was dx with stage 3 colon cancer in June 08, a right colectomy and chemo( folfox) for 6 months thru feb 09.
My last ct this past Friday shows a 4mm liver hypodensity which is increased from 2mm in ct done December 08
does anybody have this similar result and what does it mean? I'm scared I hope it's not reccurence as I just got engaged and did I mention I'm 28 yrs old.

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Well first of all... Congratulations on your engagement! What a wonderful blessing to have a person to share life with!

And 28 is way too young to have to be dealing with this lousy stuff! I am so sorry!

As for the "HYPODENSITY". You should definitely be having this checked out by your oncologist. A PET Scan will confirm whether it is a tumour or not. It may very well be something else but you will want to have it checked out for sure. I would not want to leave it another 6 months or whatever your CT Scan follow-up schedule is. If it proves to be something else... fine. If it is a liver recurrence there are plenty of good "curative" options still.

I hope it is not a recurrence too!

Keep in touch... Rob; in Vancouver

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thanks so much for your reply. i finally called my oncologist, guess what he said? he feels that the result was stable and that i should wait till my next schedulled office appointment to go over the result which isnt until the end of this month. I have decided to seek a second opinion with another oncologist and go ahead with a colonoscopy scheduled for this week.
i still have abdominal cramps and my stools are still pellet shaped. if there were some changes in my colon wouldnt it show on the ct scan ? and my cea level came back nl at .7
still worried.

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A guy in my Sunday School class just had a CT scan after a previous scan came back with a liver hypodensity. He has 'Fatty Liver'. Not sure what that is or what causes it but he was told not to worry. BTW... this guy has never had cancer.

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