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New to this

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Thank you to all who gave me such a warm welcome and inspiring words. I will certainly take them to heart and REALLY try to be positive. My kids and husband and his kids have been very supportive so I should count myself as being very lucky. Now with friends on this board, I CAN DO IT! Will keep you updated on my doc's appt.

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Hey! I'm glad you found this group - they're wonderful and amazing and will be here whenever you need them - either to vent or to share in a celebration.

I feel like a broken record, but I recently finished a great book about dealing with cancer as a team called The Power of Two: Surviving Serious Illness with and Attitude and an Advocate, by Gerri and Brian Monaghan. He was diagnosed with metastatic melanoma with lymph involvement and 2 brain tumors. Not good. 10 years later he and his wife sat down to write the book about how they did it. It's also a fun read, believe it or not. Lots of humor and good solid practical information. It's about $15 on Amazon.

Hope this helps and welcome to our wonderful family -


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We were on the same computer and he didn't sign off. That last post was really from me, Adrian.

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thanks for the chuckle

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