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Restaging?????? What does that mean..... ???? Last post didnt work

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That first post I put on restaging will not let me open it again so I cannot read replies... can you please post here. I don't know what the deal is with that..... thank you cause I really need your input on this restaging stuff... I am confused. Let me say again... I got a letter for a upcoming PET scan on 9/26. On the letter it said it was for restaging. What does that mean. I thought once a IV always a IV ????


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Jennie, restaging is done to see if the cancer has spread or to see if chemo is working. The stage of your cancer never changes for the better but can change for the worse; i.e. a Stage I spreads and becomes a Stage IV.

Sometimes restaging is done at the request of an insurance company to prove treatment is still needed or new types of treatment are pending.

Don't worry about the terminology. It's just insurance talk.

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It is just the terminology that they use as an indication for your Pet/CT. I am Stage IV also and every time I go for my scan the indication is always RESTAGING.

Hope that helps relieve some fears.


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I have 4 sets of staging. The first doctor says stage IV, Second dr. says stage IV. then when he went to the board he decide that my age, my health before cancer, my activity level etc... should count for something. So he said it should be stage IIIc to the board, but the Board still stated Stage IV. Before given Chemo. So I have always gone with stage IV since my dr. was out voted by many on the board and the original dr. Medical records state stage IV personal records from physician he puts his remarks as a side note about the IIIc because of all the reference above. But I have to believe my dr. was correct I am here and clear for 11 years so who really knows. goofyladie Cass

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Did you have metastasis from your colon cancer - Either to other organs or distant lymph nodes? That is what should differentiate 3c from 4. If you had local lymph node involvement only that would keep you at 3c. Just curious- 11 years is great either way!!!


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My wife, 46, was resntly diagnosed with colon cancer, since it has metsticised to liver and both lungs. We started chemotherapy locally after getting 2nd opinion at M.D. Anderson in Houston. 2nd opinion confirmed original diagnosis based on original scans, Labs and bioposies. Just had 2nd chemotherapy treatment and was told by oncologist they will do 2 more before re-staging. My wife gets 3 chemo drugs; Flurouracil (Pump), Oxaliplatin, and Avastin everey two weeks so they are treating her aggessively, I think as she is relatively young and in good health otherwise.

You obviously have a lot to be grateful for surviving now for more then 10 years. We were told my wife's colon cancer prognosis is not curable, but hopefully treatable. That itself has been difficult to swallow what with a 6 year old child. Any encouraging thoughts, information, experience you can share with us for us to hang on to hope? Thanks GOOFYLADIE and wishing and praying for you to have many more years.

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This thread is from 10/18/2009

We miss the individuals that are no longer with us.

Please...... Do Not regenerate old threads?

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this is a slippery slope, im a stage 4 , after my 2nd colon resection the surgery report read stage 3???? i was like hello what the heck??? turns out it is just ins jibber jabber, yes there was less cancer than the first, after all the chemo and radiation i would hope so!! love hearing about everyones journey through this!! so many uplifting posts!!! I do know one day we will beat this!!!! love you guys!!

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Sounds like my sister and your wife has similar cancer. She is 44 and stage IV for mets to the liver and bilateral lungs as well. Diagnosed Nov. 2010..They started her on a new FDA approved drug 3 weeks age. WOuld love to here more about your wife..My brother and law is so upset over this as well. They have a 15 year old who keeps busy with sports but hopes that the cancer word would go away (as he put on his facebook). My heart aches everyday that she is goig through this cance and everyone on this board. They are all heros in my mind and are special people. This board really is so informative for me to translate back to my sister. I hope you can keep in touch and I can get my brother n law to join the discussion...thanks, Belinda

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