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The Cat Is Out Of The Bag - Craig Update

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Craig was feeling much better today so I went to see him. To all of you who participated in getting Craig a gift - Thank you so much and I know there were many more of you who would have gotten involved but I had a short time to contact everybody and I am sorry if anybody feels left out of the loop. That having been said , it went over smashingly. Craig was overwhelmed. He kept saying " I don`t know what to say." He was rendered almost speechless. I said when I post this, I`ll tell them you were speechless and he said to tell you " That is hardly ever the case." My new profile picture is the gift we gave him. His name is Davinci. He got that along with a plaque that says Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, It`s learning to dance in the rain. With the money that was left over we got him a $75.00 visa gift card. He also got a giant card with all your names and the various messages you gave me. He said he was going to find a special spot for Davinci and he will always remember this. I`ll post some pictures on my expressions page later. I was not able to get pictures of the event because nobody wants pictures taken of themselves when they are in a hospital gown, but I did get pictures of all the gifts and the card. We did a good thing and all of you came through like champs. Craig and I spent about 3 hours chatting and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I met some of his family and they were wonderful people. I think I`m going to adopt them.

Eric ( : . )

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Thanks for all that you did for us and Craig. But I sure wish we had a pic of him in his hospatal gown!!


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that is so cool. Thanks for doing that! Here's to Craig! (sipping on a beer!)

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Thank You Eric for taking this all on and being our semicolon presence to Craig. I love Davinci! What an awesome robot!
Craig... speechless... LOL!

Rob; in Vancouver

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I forgot to mention that I entered the room playing you`ve got a friend by James Taylor.

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Right On! Eric!
Thank you so much for all your work on getting this together! It makes me feel relly good that we could do something for Craig thata exists outside of cyber space. Not to take away from what goes on here, but you know what I mean...

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Awwww thank you so much for doing us the honor and going to visit him when we weren't able to do it ourself. You are so gracious to buy the gifts, sign the card and deliver it. I am so glad that he is feeling better and seems to be in good spirits. I'm sure you two chatted up a storm. We sure have a wonderful family here and we are so supportive of one another that it gives me comfort knowing you are all here. Thank you again for all you did. You deserve a big hug :)


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Awesome! Davinci is perfect! I'm so glad Craig was feeling well enough for a visit, and I know he was happy to see you, Eric. I can't wait to see the pictures on your expressions page.

Thank you, Eric, for heading this up. And thank you, everyone here, for being so wonderful. I love y'all!


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Eric...... Thanks so much for seeing to it that Craig got what he deserved from a family near and dear to his heart. I have wrote in to the Ellen Degeneres show and told her all about us. Who knows... maybe she will make it happen for us all to meet one day. For now.... my prayers have been answered with Craig

Peace................ Jennie

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Glad you got to see Craig for all of us. Sounds like maybe we put a smile on his speechless face, that's great. Once again, thanks for stepping up bro.


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Thank you so much!

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Thanks so much for all you have done. Sorry I didn't know about it or would have participated. You have done a wonderful thing that has touched many of us. It's so great to be involved with such a great group of people.

Thanks to all,

Debbie (gramma)

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Beautiful, what a group! Thanks for sharing about your time together.


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The pictures are now posted on my expressions page.


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Eric, thank you for organizing such a beautiful gift for Craig. I am sure it will be something he will remember his whole life! I am amazed at the kindness of your spirit and how you are such a giver even going through what you are going through. I feel as if I know so many of you on this board even if I have not met any of you in person. Marie

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Thank you for all the appreciation but doing this kind of thing is what fuels me. It`s not a chore to me. I think I get as much pleasure out of giving as the receiver does. It makes me feel good and it is also therapeutic. All of you have been just as giving in spite of your situation. It is alot to ask a cancer patient or care giver to part with their money when cancer itself is so financially draining but most of you did it anyway when you have your own set of problems. Those that did not give money gave moral support and that means more than things. Gifts are just an outward expression of appreciation. It`s not so much the gift itself as it is the thought behind it and let me tell you, Craig was blown away, actually he said blown away didn`t even describe it. He said he didn`t know what he did to deserve all this but I told him he does more for people than he thinks he does. It was all due to the generosity of the people on this board. It wouldn`t have meant as much if it just came from me.

I was blown away by the response and most of you not only gave me money but you thanked me for letting you be a part of this. That is amazing.

Eric ( : . )

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I must have missed that memo....didn't know anything covert was in the plans....but that is SO VERY COOL that a bunch of folks did something for Craig.


peace, emily

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You did a great job with the gift and plaque and everything. And the song just topped it all off, I'll bet. Thank you for doing that and for the visit- Craig probably liked that the best. I kept checking for the "Craig Update" all weekend so glad to hear he is doing well. You did a fantastic job of representing The Semi-Colons!!

Fight for my love
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Hi dear Eric,thank you so very much that you did all these sweet and lovely things for all of us.You know,you just made the whole thing a big difference.What you brought Craig is not just fun,but happiness;not just cheer,but support;not just sweetness,but love;you are not just a friend,but the best friend of all of us.Please allow me to bow to you to show my respect.Thank you for being so kind and generous.Thank you for sharing the whole thing with us.

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Thanks Eric for being such a great friend and human being!! Patti

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What a wonderful friend you are! I'm sure you made Craig's day!. I've been off the computer for a few days, I wish I would have known, I would have loved to be a part of it! Keep us posted!

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Hi Eric,

Thank you for being so kind and for doing this for Craig. I feel badly that I missed even signing the card (not sure how that was done). I suppose I'll just write a heartfelt message directly to Craig's PM at this point & imagine he'll read it soon.
The idea for the "Da Vinci" robot was a great one!

Take care and have a great day!

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story I have ever heard! My heart is warmed.

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Hi Eric,
Sorry guys, private joke between Eric and I. LOL Eric you should be about 12 feet talk, shoulders back and a smile about a mile wide I am guessing. That had to feel sooooo good! You two are gonna be the next peas and carrots ya know. I am so proud of you and Craig. You guys get it. I see from all these posts you all get it too. Thanks guys I have struggled so long wondering when and if people cared, and if those who cared were going to ever step up, because one person cannot do all this we have to do it together to make things change in our care system. God bless all of you, and hang in there when it gets tough. If these little angels that are under 5 years old can do this crap I know you all can. Hugs and my open heart and arms. Make it a Great Day!!!
Goofyladie (Cass)

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I cannot take full credit for the idea. Acesfo private messaged me to tell me we needed to do something for Craig. He came up with the idea of putting up a post for Craig and private messaging all who responded. He also threw out the idea about the robot ( Every one of those things are things I wish I had thought of myself.) I just perfected the plan and did all the leg work. I do have to say it was my idea to name the robot Davinci and I picked a robot that had arms and hands that were similar to the Davinci machine. I know Acesfo is not looking for any credit but he is the silent partner and I would feel like a phony if I acted as though the whole thing was my idea. I just took the idea and ran with it.


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Thank you Eric for doing all that.

and hooray and joy that Craig is coming along.
awwww I really would have like to see him in hospital gown too....always soooo attractive :):):)


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looking at the pictures and just feeling grateful to all here. What a bunch of awesome semis!
Next is a fashion show of us all in hospital gowns, eh?


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Thanks again for coordinating that. Glad it went over well!


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Nana b
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Went out for a massage and hair cut and I miss all of this!! Thanks Eric for the wonderful gester from the heart!

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You done so much Eric, thanks for being right there for him, wer're with him in spirit and soul, and glad you got those wonderful presents for that man to play with, I bet he is LOVING IT!1 I can see him playing with it right now! You are such a sweetheart! Craig, you're still in our prayers, and we await to hear from you, this was much appreciated from us Eric!!


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I missed that, too. Great idea tho and am so glad you got to visit with our buddy.

You're a keeper, Eric.


Julie 44
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Thanks for doing that guys..It was a great idea and great exacution..(can't spell)
Hard to believe Craig was speechless!!!!
All of you are such warm and caring people..Hard to believe that alot of us never met each other in person but yet we are a big caring family..Thats awesome!!!!!!!!!!JULIE

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I guess I missed that post too. Last I read was that he was ok, but not up to visitors. Check in today and look what ya'all did! Wish I could have been a part of that.

Eric - that was just awesome!

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I missed it too. I would have liked to participate. I've never seen anything about this project anywhere until after the fact. This is a great thing you all did.

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I've been off the board for a while. This was a very good thing you guys did, sorry I missed it.

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