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CP 7 Toasts

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Joined: Apr 2004

Hi Semi-colons!!!

Some of us are off to Colonpalooza 7 in Key West this week. It is an annual celebration of life and lives for us semi-colons for those that can attend. For those that can't, how bout sharing a milestone you would like us to raise a toast to.

It can be anything, "major or minor" milestones; NED, surgeries, chemo treatments, anything!!!!

I'll start a list of ones I know of:

Stacy 8 years NED
Emily 8 years NED
Spongebob 8 years NED
Lisa Rose 7 1/2 years NED
Kanort 6 years NED
Shmurciak 5 years NED
KathiM almost 5 years NED
CherylRobb 3 years NED
Trainer 1 year NED
Buzzard 8 months NED
Sweet Baby Girl Andrea 3+ years holding a seat for us
Wanda/Xena Warrior 3 years holding a seat
Debra 2+ years holding a seat
ValerieC's Mom 2+ years holding a seat
Bud/Nanuk 2 years holding a seat
Kerry 1+ year holding a seat
Jana 1+ year holding a seat
Monicaemellia 3 months holding a seat
Jerseysue 2+ months holding a seat
Phil 5+ years fighting the ******* cells
Craig 5+ years fighting the ******* cells

birthdays, anniversaries, chemo treatments completed, surgeries, anything you would like us to toast to, we will (can't wait to see what Phil comes up with).


Lisa P.

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oh honey, you brought a tear to me eye as I went down the roll call of our seat-holders. While I definitely will lift my carrot juice in a toast to all, I will have a moment of silence for our Semi-colons who have gone before us.


peace, emily

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I was dx April 14th 2009 stage 3 colorectal cancer. Tost to my wonderful wife Tammy for what she does for me everyday to get us through this.

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Wooo! Hoo!

CP7 ... Key West... Where the "Oldtimer" Wild Things Are!
And I hope you all have a blast. Wish I were there!

Milestone... 5+ fighting the ***** cells

Toast.. To Life! Rob; in Vancouver

"If life gives you limes, make margaritas."
Jimmy Buffett

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Joined: Jul 2009

Patteee 16 months NED

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I finished chemo a month ago, found out on October 9th that my CT scan was clear, and on October 13th, scope showed that my surgery (j pouch) turned out great, so I have much to cheer about. Cheers and toasts to everyone else with their celebrations.

Hugs! Kim

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Almost 2 years NED (Nov.23).


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Thank you, Lisa, for the list...my eyes and heart are full for those that we have said "Wait for us, we'll join you someday!".

I guess I would add a toast for my beau. He clinically died for 3 minutes in March, which left him a bit brain damaged...but he is working so very hard to 'come back'...

Oh, and Serranna...she moved from stage 2 to stage 4 to NED, all within 2 years...YEAH!!!

Hugs to all my favorite people...my family of semi-colons!

Hugs, Kathi

Posts: 1961
Joined: Aug 2003

I'm all teary-eyed thinking of our loved ones. "Holding a seat" is a good expression.

I know they would want the rest of us to be celebrating our joys -- however, large or small.

So -- please add me to the toast list -- I'm almost 7 years since diagnosis. Several recurrences but currently NED hurrah.

Thinking of you all!!!!


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Have a wonderful time with the semi's! Please lift a toast to my husband Dick. He finished his first round of Folfox August 18th but they found a lymph node with cancer 3 weeks later. He is now on Folfori + Avastin. Toast to him fighting and beating the **** cells.


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Shelly, 3 years NED and to all those who have past, I too raise my glass in your memory

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Joined: Mar 2003

My special toast is for Mark~ a.k.a Limey~ who is deep in the battle and looking for another weapon. May he find the weapon to spear this monster square between the eyes.

I have another one, too........for SCOUTY!!!!! May this 5 yr milestone bring a tear of joy to your eye, an Irish song to your heart, and an eternity of tomorrows!

With much love,

Stacy (who is pissed that she won't be @ this yr's palooza!!!!!!!!)

Fight for my love
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Hi Lisa,my hubby was diagnosed with rectal cancer stage2 in this May,chemo and radiation went very well before surgery,shrank tumor from 5cm to smaller than a dime size;then surgery,all margins were clear,no lymph nodes involved,no blood vessels involved,no nerves involved;everything was clear and also down staging him from stage2 to stage1.I think at this point techniquely speaking my hubby is NED.But my hubby wants to fight for the odds as best as he can,so the adjuvant chemo will start at the beginning of Nov,hopefully the following treatment will go well and smoothly.I guess my hubby will toast to me for everything I do for him,but I really want to toast to our semi-colon family for all of your love and support;I also want to toast to all the nurses and doctors in the medical team,and social workers.Thank you very much,Lisa,for this topic.

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NED for 4 years now. Wish everyone could come for this toast and tears session. Jo Ann

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Joined: Jan 2009

You're an inspiration Jo Ann! This really gives me hope, and definitely a toast to our caregivers, adult, children and pets who care for us as well, without you all, I don't know what would happen! Well, maybe I know, just don't want to think about it :(


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Joined: May 2008

is holding my seat for me, Rip honey


angelsbaby's picture
Posts: 1171
Joined: May 2008

is holding my seat for me, Rip honey


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Posts: 644
Joined: Aug 2006

Tears came to my eyes remembering all those names of our beloved semis that have gone and I as you said holding a seat for us.
Another two in that list "tennislover"and "crazylady"

Betina 3 years NED

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Joined: Jan 2004

please toast all of the brave survivors who are actively in treatment along with their loved ones. I continue to be amazed at the love and support that is generated on this active board. Also, a special toast to the ACS....along with Greta, Jose, and Dana!

Have a wonderful time.



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Hoping that tomorrow you can toast to an infection-free, working PowerPort for me, so I can get chemo started this Thursday!

I realize this isn't as impressive as NED, but it is a big milestone for me - the last few weeks have sucked...

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