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feces after radiation is completed

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My radiation oncologist told me that after radiation treatment was completed, I would pass blood and sluff off some of the cancer. Does anyone know what color the feces would be, and its consistency?

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Are you on an ostomy?

I was still using my colon during my radiation treatments, so i'm not sure if yours is cut off, and that's what you're asking about. I continued passing blood, and yes, i think i did see pieces of the tumor because some things looked more like tissue than stool. They were bloody, and sort of stringy looking pieces.

I don't know for sure if this was pieces of the tumor, but i thought they were. I don't remember my doctor saying i would expel tumor. I still felt blocked a lot of the time (my tumor grew along the entire circumference of the colon leaving only a small hole for stool to pass through). I thought the radiation wasn't working, but after the surgery, the doctor said it had shrunk a great deal.

Good luck with it!


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Thanks for your comments. This is all so scary.

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Not sure if this will be helpful or reassuring. My mom is getting chemo - no radiation - and her poop didn't look right to her. So she asked me to look at it. I know this sounds gross. Sorry. Anyway, it did not look normal at all. It looked like globs of tissue. We discussed with oncologist and she stated it is probably cancer cells being sloughed out when they die. My mom asked if we could bring in a sample to verify! Yes, she's a little loopy. The dr made a crazy face and my mom said - Uh, well, we'll just go with that positive thought that we're killing cancer.
And I might also add. My mom has completed 5 rounds of chemo. She had her first CT and other tests last week. We learned the tumors have shrunk by nearly 50%. So, clearly, the cancer is dieing.

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