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Doctors get no Free Pass on Incontinence

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This is for all the men suffering from incontinence 1 year or more after Prosate surgery. After doing a lot of reading and listening to hundreds of men's stories of their incontinence that extended beyond a year after surgery, I never thought I would say this, but I believe you have to hold the surgeon at least partially accountable. Since no two surgeries are EXACTLY a like, meaning a surgeons hands or machines don't move exactly the same for all patients,because all patients are different, then you have to believe that the surgeon made the littlest of slip, that caused some men to be incontinent long-term and others to only be incontinent short term.

I really do believe that we sometimes tend to give surgeons too-much God-like credit than they deserve. For those men who regained continence shortly after surgery, their Surgeon was one of the best in their field----but, guess what, my Surgeon was one of the foremost on LRP AND ONE THING FOR SURE HE DIDN'T EVEN WANT TO DISCUSS INCONTINENCE WITH ME.

Go back and read posts from many of the men on this site, you'll will find that they will say my surgeon was the best in the country---------------Guess what the fact of the matter is there are sveral great doctors who are just as good as your doctor, but they are all human, and sometimes they just don't get it right. It's a fact! If a surgeon does 800 surgeries and only one of those surgeries he botches, and you are that one, then you find that not only is it a Godsend that they caught your cancer in time, before it spread throughout your body, but you also realize that his screw-up has left you with a whole new set of problems.

I am not trying to knock the great surgeons, God knows we need them, I am just pointing out that the end results for everyone is different, and the hand you are dealt will determine what you think about your experience and how you perceive who is the best and who isn't.

Another point would be 500 men on this website posted over the years; 92% on the men whose cancer did not spread also were fortunate enough that their incontinence was gone within 9 months after surgery----wonderful! However,8% on men on this website still suffer from incontinence belond 1 year and up to 8 years after surgery. For the 8%, the interaction between the have's and have not's are virtually zero, because they no longer face the same challenges. Because once the Prostate cancer is gone and the incontinence demon raises it's ugly head, only those with incontinence long-term can relate. Same as others who are experiencine ED per say. (Example only to make a point)

That's why it is important that those men with long-term incontinence chime in and talk about all the actions they are taking to get well--I know I will.


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I think you are right.thanks God I did not have incontinance,but I develop scart tissus and need a second surgery to corect the problem.I had laproscopy almost five years ago my psa is 0.04 after surgery and my doctor told me that he will try everything posible to correct the problem without a second surgery.the reason he gave me was this surgery is very delicate and any simple mistake can do a big damage.any way he did the second surgery and it was fine.
my point is if the doctor made any small mistake there will be incotinence which will last
for several months or years.I have a friend whom has been incontinent for almost three years,
and I feel very sorry for him because nothing seen to help;my conclusion, he doctor messed him up,and that is the end.we do not have any mean to fight because they tell you all the risk
that we will take.I hope the some how the technology help this doctor and the incontinence problem become some thing of the pass.

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Thanks for the reply. Life really puts you in the situation of tradeoffs, get rid of the cancer, deal what comes next. I'm considering a Sling, but my new Doctor wants to go through a series of steps and I support his approach, Heck, I have been incontinent for 3 1/2 yrs---6 more months isn't going to matter. Hope your friend gets the help he needs.

And I am glad your surgery went well.

God Bless----Lion1

The Nev
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Lion1 I really pray you'll find a cure for your incontinence, I sit here only 3 weeks post surgery going through a couple of pairs of briefs a day and soaking one at night so bad on occasion it soaks through to the bed. I can't even imagine this 3 1/2 years down the road. I know mine is early and I’m hopeful it will get better, but like you I think guys need to understand this could be a lot more then an inconvenience

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I really feel for my prostate cancer brothers. I've been so lucky on the incontinence side. Have been 99.5% dry since getting the catheter out. I'm just at 2 months post surgery and used a total of 1 pad in these two months. Go ahead its OK to say you hate me! LOL

Wish I new the secret to share with you.


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