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Hey everyone!
Sorry I haven't posted much, I've had a LOT going on. Thought I was going to be able to go home from the hospital this weekend, but after running some tube feedings, it was found that there's another blockage in my intestines, so now I'm being fed just intraveniously again. They're going to watch me for a couple days and if the blockage doesn't resolve itself then I guess surgery it probably is. I've been here over 3 weeks now...but, I guess I know my tv schedule pretty well! ha. I have wonderful friends and family that take turns spending the night/days with me. I just figured some of you may be wondering what's going on, and that's the gist of it. I hope everyone is well!

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You are going through such a difficult time and yet you are thinking of all of us. I know I haven't been on the board for a while I am sorry. You are in the right place and getting great care. Remember you are on a journey of healing and with your family and friends by your side. Draw from their strength, know that you are in my thoughts and prayers,

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Thanks for the update. You are right....we all have been thinking about you..and praying for you. So glad you have a circle of friends and family close by to help you and your husband over this bump in the road. I too hope the intestine issue will resolve itself and surgery is not required. However, if it is, I am sure you will come through it will flying colors! Your are always in my thoughts and prayers....continue to stay strong.

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Hey Cath,

Al and I have been thinking of you daily and of course praying. I stinks that you couldn't go home like you had planned, and that you have another blockage. I sure do pray
that it resolves itself. If surgery is needed well then it's need. I'm sure you will do fine.

Al's surgery is tomarrow so I am a bit anxious as you would expect.

Always in our thoughts and prayers, Get better soon.

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Hi Cathy!!
Glad to hear from you, I hope things will settle down for you and that you go home soon..
Its nice to read your always so positive and cheerfull,,,, what a wonderful personality you have... and for all of us to share with you.... will continue to be there for you

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Jeff and I have surely missed you posting, I know you are ready to go home, but at least you are not 5 hours away and right there in your hometown, Again, this is just another BUMP in the road, I really was hoping you would be home by now, but at least they are not sending you home too soon this time, know you and patrick are in our prayers daily, you hang in there and know each one of us thinks of you daily. We miss you alot but know you have alot going on too.

Hugs and Love
Jeff and Lori

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Hi Cathy,
So good to hear from you, but so sorry you are going through all of this. Just know that you are cared for dearly by all of us here on this site and we have not stopped praying for you. You hang in there and your hubby too.

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Cathy---so many are praying and thinking of you thru this---hang in there...this isn't easy--but your "cyber EC" buddies are there for you!!! does that sound weird or what! We are thinking of you of you even if we are not posting...

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I'm so sorry you are still in the hospital. I hope you get out of there soon!!! Take care and hang in there!! I pray for you daily, so I hope that can comfort you a little too. You do have a great circle around you!!


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Hi Cathy,
So glad to hear from you and sad that you are still in the hospital but like someone else said hope they resolve your problems so when you get to go home you will be in good shape and feeling much better. I pray for you all the time and just hope that as brave as you are, those drs will come up with some solutions to those blockages. take care and many prayers coming your way!!

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