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hi my wife of 45 years, the LOVE of my life started chemo yesterday 10/16/09 for stage 4 metastic cancer. she is getting taxol/carboplatin. all of this started in july,she had an accident and in the ER they found a high white count.this lead to tests that showed three enlarged lymph nodes they are saying it is probily 90% lung cancer 10% overian. no matter how many questions I ask,I still dont understand this.my wife was a very healthy 65,never on meds. works hard and always has a great outlook .Im just plain scared. Thanks for your ear. _ _ _ _ RED

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I'm sorry to hear about your wife. It cancer is very scary, but there are alot of stage 4 lung cancer survivors on this web site. My mom was also dx with ovarian stage 3c it is going on 2 years, she went through chemo very similiar to what your wife is getting. It was difficult. But with all the new meds she made it thru. She is 78 years old and living on her own and doing very well. My mom showed no symptoms either until one day she had stomach pain. Be strong, pray, and believe there are alot of miracles out there.

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My husband is 63, retired 5 months ago..( I am 64 ) We had many plans to go with our good health ( so we thought )..He was diagnosed Sept. 28 with Stage III lung cancer ( inoperable ) as it is in his chest wall to.... He will soon start chemo & radiation... I was diagnosed 6 days prior to his diagnosis with Lymphoma ( malt / stomach )..I am doing well & prognosis is good for me...His is going to be more difficult... I am not sure how you & your wife are with your Faith, but this is how I am finding PEACE to something just to difficult to make any sense of. I just keep reminding myself that there is a Master Plan of which we have no control over. I try to not waste time and energy on all the questions of Why ? How ? etc. I concentrate on staying in the present >> not the past AND not the future...My first reaction was that I cannot let him go ! Our lives are so much a part of each other ! What will I do ? I was so scared to even think of losing this battle....scared to see him go thru the chemo and radiation, being sick, and not knowing what to expect from one day to the next...First there was Shock for me to hear the word CANCER for ME on Sept. 22, and then to hear CANCER for my husband on Sept. 28. Shock, denial, fear, ( scared to death ) I felt like it must all be a nightmare, and we will wake up. We have a motor home, healthy ( so we thought ), and so many plans.... Well, now I am coming to some kind of terms and finding peace thru my Faith in God... I am not questioning anythig anymore... I just tell myself that there is a Master Plan, and stay IN THE MOMENT... Concentrate on the Here & NOW !!!! It is what it is !!! NO ONE can EVER understand this & how it feels until it comes home to us...Words cannot describe it....Lynda Randal has a VERY good dvd called " I'm Free." There are many great songs on this dvd including " The God on the Mountain " ( is the God in the Valley ).... Another great dvd is " The Best Of Ivan Parker. " They both sing with the Gaithers....I can only say that this is bigger than we can understand or deal with on our own with any peace...I am finding peace thru God, and staying in THE MOMENT...I think my husband feels the same way...We are still sad, but you can be sad, disappointed & all that, and still find peace...God Bless you and your wife....My husband will start chemo & radiation this week.
My email address is : indydorsey13@att.net if you or your wife need to VENT or SHARE your feelings.. I am finding many ways to vent...VERY important. Every emotion that the human brain can feel is very normal going thru this EVIL DISEASE...Satan can mess with our bodies, but cannot touch our spirit. We can win this battle !!!! ( or not >>> we have to accept it )

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I also was diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer in April, also unoperable because there was a tumor in left lung that had spread to lympnode in right lung. After receiving chemo 6x straight 1 week, off 1 week, then 6x straight another week, then chemo every monday for 1 month along with radiation for 32 days straight, I am now cancer free. Attitude and lots of prayers helped me get through. I thought this was going to be impossible to beat but it is not. Hold tight, and keep the faith.

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joyzee " Been there done that " What words of encouragement at a time when it is needed so desperately ! My husband will be starting his treatment this week. His cancer is in the Mediastium ( probably spelled wrong ), but is the chest wall...confusing still...It is stage III lung cancer ...non small cell..

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Joyzee, would you mind emailing me to share some of your experience with the cancer, treatment, etc.... ? indydorsey13@att.net

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Hi Joyzee,

My mom is going thru stage 3a lung cancer with spread to some lymph nodes. She starts chemo 10/27 - 4x in a 12 week period and then radiatio each day (Monday-Friday) for 7 weeks. She is very skinny - 87 lbs currently. She had 1/2 her lung removed 1 month ago and I would like to hear your experiences. If you email indy will you please cc me? goldielocks222@hotmail.com.

Thank you in advance!

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I was diagnosis with stage 4 lung cancer with mets to the lymphs, I have NSCLC in my right and SCLC in my left I did 8 treatments 8 hours each once every three weeks because of the heavy doses. I was on Taxol,Carboplatin, and Avastin, it help slow down the spread.
Unfortunately because of other health issues, My body couldn't keep the cancer at bay forever, if you read my bio you will understand. I am now on Hospice, but its a good thing.
But you and your wife need to keep a positive attitude and enjoy the here and now, trying to live tomorrow today doesn't work and you only get yourself screwed up' You and Your wife need to focus on today and what can be done to help her, everyone response differently to treatments and the side effects they have. So I for one can only go by my experience and what happened with me, no one can tell you forsure what your wife will go thro, because cancer is a very personal disease and treatment and side effects are also, tho we may have things in common, they won't always be exactly the same.
Don't take what the Docs say as Gospel, I have outlived every prediction they have had. No one can tell you how long, why, or what to expect, they only go by the most common out comes.
Prayer, positive attitudes and support are the most important, again to understand why I say this read my bio, then maybe you'll see why I say this.

Our Prayers and Beat to Your Wife and You and Your Family
Dan and Margi Harmon

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I am a 45 year old female. I too was in great health. In January of this year I was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. I was treated for stage 3 sacrcoma in 2007. My PET scan in Aug '08 didn't show anything in my lungs. My Nov '08 PET scan indicated stage 4 lung cancer and tumors (sarcoma) in my liver spleen hip and thigh. In April I started chemo for sarcoma and nsclc. I went thru 3 treatments of Gemzar and Taxoter and then in July I started a treatment of Carboplatin and Taxoter (4 treatments). I am now on Alimta-4 treatments. I am 45 years old. I remain hopeful even though the statistics are against me. My liver, spleen, hip and thigh are clear!
Chemo does work! The unknown is scarey. Prayer and a positive attitude definitely help.
Surround you and your wife with people who have a positive attitude. It is hard to understand...know that there are support groups for you (the caregiver) and for your wife.
Focus on a positive outcome (easier said than done-I know) and I will pray for both of you.

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