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scan results

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I got my results today, Onc.says everything is stable and pain in back is not from anything they see on the scan. I feel very relieved but still wondering about the pain. Thank you so much for the prayers. God Bless, Patti

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Good news Patti... I guess! It is always hard to know how to take information that only seems to deepen the mystery! Having a source of significant pain that remains unknown is still a bother. I hope there is more that can be done to determine the cause.

Have a good weekend! Rob; in Vancouver

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Patti, I have been watching for your results because I really felt you'd receive good news.

If the pain doesn't lessen, see an ortho for an MRI. It sounds like a pinched nerve or bulging disc problem. Our administrative Pastor's wife has adv. thyroid cancer and five bad discs. She gets an epidural in her back so she can cope with the pain while having surgery for cancer than has spread into her neck muscles, vocal cord (they severed one five years ago) and major artery. She said the pain in her back is much worse than any pain she's ever had from her cancer fight (5 years now).

I'm so happy your results showed stable. Now let's pray for shrinkage and the pain in your back.

God Bless you, Patti!

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Great news Patti!! Does this mean you will stay on FOLFOX for longer?
I too have had horrible back pain and it was from a herniated disk. I have had an epidural to control the pain and that worked wonderfully.

Go see an orthopedist...


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Congratulations on your scan results! I was thinking about you all day yesterday; thanks for letting us know! I am hoping your back pain is somehow from "over-doing" it on your trip - I think that's when it started isn't it?

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No news is good news, I always say, glad they didn't find anything else wrong, but I would also undergo other tests should I be in such pain, I Know you want that problem solved too, and have them adminster the proper meds or anything that can relieve you. It saddens me to hear people suffering in pain, and hope it is fixed soon! You are in my thoughts and prayers!


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Good news to hear from the oncologist and that they couldn't find anything. I believe it could be a pinched nerve too. I hope you find the source of it, or it just goes away.


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Hey Patti,

It's so good to see posts like yours! I am however sorry that they still haven't found the source of your pain. I can't add anything more that the others haven't already said about the pain, but I just wanted to jump in and share in your joy and relief.


Fight for my love
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Hi Patti,this is really great news.You are in my prayers and I hope the pain will go away soon.Have a good weekend!Take care.Hugsss.

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So glad to hear the good news. At the same time I am sorry you are still in pain. I hope the docs pursue the issue and can get you some relief.


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and I hope that your back pain gets some resolution too Patti.

all the best, Leslie

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Dearest Patti,

So happy you got good results. Sorry you are having to deal with pain, that's never easy. Hopefully the docs can find out whats going on or at least help with the pain. I will continue to pray for you and your family

God Bless you,

Debbie (gramma)

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Great news Patti. I know you are relieved.

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Yes, I will stay on Folfox and he wants to add the oxi back to regimen but half it. He also said that he wants me to see Dr. York, he is in the Gwinnett system of Ga. and he worked at MD Anderson. Dr. Your is a specialist for the liver and he wants me to discuss my options. This is not what he was saying earlier in the week when he was being so bleek. I also made an appt. with Emory to see Colon Cancer Onc. they are just for Colon Cancer. The appt. nurse called my Onc. to get medical records sent over. Maybe that's why he is changing his tune. The liver surgeon from Emory had his residency at Sloan Kettering. We will see how all of this goes.Thank all of you for your kind words and checking on me. You can't imagine how that feels. I have a friend I consider close who did not even call me to see how the appt. went. You all are like extended family to me and I really mean that!! God Bless all of you, and especially thanks for the prayers. Patti (So glad to hear our Craig is doing well...Yea)

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