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Malignant Spindle Cell Tumor

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I recently went to the doctor to have a bump on my left foot checked out. The bump was on the right side of my big toe joint. I have had bump for approx. 5 years. The doctor did an MRI, which confirmed that it was a tumor. The first diagnosis was a Giant Cell Tumor. I had the tumor removed and my hospital stated that it was a Malginant Spindle Cell Tumor, but then put Pending Expert Consultation. My doctor said the tumor did not look malignant and it was not penetrating my bone. The tumor was laying over my tendon that connects my big toe to my foot. I am curious, if anyone has had an early prognosis of the tumor being malignant, then an expert prognosis was benign????

My doctor seemed pretty optomistic, he believes that if it was malignant, I would most likely have other symptoms, since the tumor has been in my foot for at least 5 years.

I am still waiting on the Labs from UofM (the experts) but I am seeing an oncologist on Monday.

To say the least I am very scared. I am 29 year old father of newborn twins.......any thoughts or advice would be appreciated.....


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Congratulations on your new twins.
I had malignant spindle cell sarcoma. My was at my left knee and was diagnosed at stage 3.
It erroded a hole in my femor. I was treated with radiation then had surgery. If yours is malignant I would rec. chemo. Mine spread to my spine and recurred in my thigh. Chemo has now cleared both up. My doctors at the Cleveland Clinic are specialists and are one of the reasons I am doing as well as I am. My sarcoma is no longer a fear I have. I have a friend who has been cancer free for 2 years from sarcoma.
There is hope!
Stay positive.
email me if you would like: gsmeyers92@aol.com

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