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Just talked to Craig`s Wife - It appears to be good news

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The spot was not on his lungs, it was in the general proximity. The surgeon said that the spot did not look cancerous but they are still waiting on tests. Craig is going to be in the papers for being the first recipient to receive this kind of surgery in North Texas. Who knew? Donna`s lion will be roaring for all of us. I`m going to visit him tomorrow. It looks like your prayers and well wishes worked. All of you are champs.


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oh thanks be to God
and thanks to you Eric for relaying information!

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Thanks Eric!

It is great that things went well! And even better that you will be visiting him.

Let him know we are all thinking about him!



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Well that is wonderful news! Give him our love!


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Thanks for the good news. I had a feeling that everything was going to be okay. Now he's even going to be in the paper. How cool is that!!!

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Thanks for letting us know! I can breathe easier with this news!

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that is the Best news for a Friday afternoon

or any other afternoon.

Thank you eric for letting us know


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That is awesome news. I have been away for a couple days, but he was always in my thoughts and prayers. I'm so glad it is over for him. Hopefully, it will not be cancer. WooHooo I'm so glad that it is over with an he seems to be doing well. Tell him I said hi!


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So glad Craig's OK and the report sounds favorable.


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I'm very, very happy to hear this news, I was going to call, but didn't know if it was too soon, my lion will be roaring again, I told him that last night as well! I pray it isn't cancer, and glad he's doing well! Do you know how long he will be in the hospital? Thanks for checking up on him Eric, he been on my mind today, and I knew the Italian robot would take care of him, Now I want a copy of that paper article he's in!!! He's going to have to buy up the stands and show it to us all!


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Whew!!!! I've been thinking about this and praying about it all morning and just longing to get home to my computer, so I could see if there was news. And what news it is!!!

Thank you, Eric, for letting us know.


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Thanks Eric, for keeping up on Craig's progress, and letting us know right away. I have been keeping him in my thoughts, and i'm so happy he's going to get through this! I will be praying that the spot was NOT cancer! Wouldn't that be awesome!!

Please send him my best wishes for a quick recovery!


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Thanks Eric for keeping us posted, when you visit Craig give him my best, I was just thinking about him this morning.
Can't wait for him to get back and tell us about his adventure.

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Joined: Sep 2009

That's great! I'll be eager to hear the whole story once he's back at the keyboard -
Thanks, Eric for getting the news to us so quickly!


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great news, wishing him a speedy recovery.

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Thanks for letting us know whats going on. What great news. Give Craig a hug for me and let him know I'm praying for him. I'm so glad you are able to go visit with him. You're awesome and I know it will mean alot to Craig.

Blessings to all,

Debbie (gramma)

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What great news!!!! Tell him we are all thinking and praying for him


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I'm glad it's good news,and I hope he's home soon,and gets better even quicker.I'll be praying for him.

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Thank God for the good news. Prayers were definitely answered. Margaret

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Joined: Dec 2008

That is just awesome news! I'm so glad he is doing well, and thankyou for letting everyone know. I think it's great that you live close enough to visit him. I am short on time today but had to log in just to check. Can't wait to see him back up and posting, and the news article, way cool!

Fight for my love
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Thanks God and thank you very much Eric.This really sounds good.Please say hi to Craig for me when you visit him tomorrow.By the way,please ask him when he will be able to use his computer,I want to send him an E-card.Thank you very much,Eric.

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Glad to hear this, tell him that when he is in the paper to make sure he stays out of the obit section!

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Great news.

I appreciate your taking the time to post this update.

As a caregiver, I can only imagine how difficult (and ultimately uplifting) this day must have been for Craig's wife.


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Thanks Eric for keeping us informed, I'm going to go to sleep very happy tonight.

Julie 44
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I am so very glad to hear that news.Now we all just need to pray somemore that its not cancer..
Thanks Eric for keeping us posted and please tell him not to the the fame go to his head..lol lol.............JULIE

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Eric, You tell him we wouldn't have it any other way......Thanks bud.....

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Thanks for the update. I hope you have a good visit tomorrow.

Rob; in Vancouver

Kathryn_in_MN's picture
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Joined: Sep 2009

Thanks for giving us the update! Such wonderful news! I've been away from the computer all day, anxious to log on and find out how things went.

Please give him a hug from me tomorrow.

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Joined: Jan 2009

Thanks Eric! That is great news! Wonderful that you will visit Craig soon. Please give him hugs from all of us. Prayers will continue.


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Thanks so much Eric for letting us know. Give him a big hug from me!

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Nana b
Posts: 3045
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Thank you...

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God is Good!!! Patti

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Paula G.
Posts: 596
Joined: Apr 2009

Thanks for the update, Eric. I needed some good news. Tell him we are all thinking of him. John asked about the paper in a post. Can we pull the article up online? Let us know. Thanks again. Paula

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I hope he has TV because he didn't want to miss the TX vs. OK ball game. This is great news and I hope you have a great visit.

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Thats great news, will keep him in my prayers and that all the test come back great! Please give him my best and let him know he is not alone and that he is missed!


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Yesterday his wife said that he was going to be in the paper. Today Craig said he MIGHT be in the paper but he is at the very least going to be in some medical journals. They are not going interview him until he gets home, so there is nothing out yet.


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That sounds sooooo Awesome, I'm soooo glad Craig got through this, cutest robot you got as a gift for him, this is beautiful, and hearing he's going to be in journals, how cool is that!!! Craig! you're going to be famous!!!


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