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Finished Treatment but have a lot of body aches. Has anyone had this??

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So I finished up my treatment plan which was surgery, chemo, external radiation and 4 sessions of Brachytherapy. I finished the last of my treatments about 3 weeks ago and just recently started getting lots of body aches, legs, lower back, upper back.

What is making me nervous is that Fran posted not too long ago that her cancer has spread to her lung area and it hurt when she was wearing her bra. This is also what has been happening to me. I am scheduled to have a full chest, abdomimal and pelvic scan next week but I am curious if anyone has had this happen to them. I did not have these aches through radiation so it seems odd to me that after the treatment ended these aches started.


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Hi there
I finished treatment at the end of August. I had surgery Feb, then chemo, then radiation then chemo.
I have had muscle aches, quite generalized for the past 6-8 weeks.
I did not have this during treatment, Only started after.
I am trying to get back in shape, and whenever I do any sort of exercize the muscles hurt more.
I do think it is getting somewhat better though.
I thought it seemed odd that it started after everything was finished

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Seems like it never ends!! I went through all of the treatments stated above. (dx 2006) I still hurt all over. My ribs ache. My back hurts all the time. My legs have not been achey, but I have a lot of shooting pain where the nodes were. On the worst days I look at the other side of the picture ... at least I am here to feel the aches!! I still say because we are so strong it took something as bad/strong as UPSC to slow us down. One tends to wonder how many times we fought cancer in our systems before this type slowed us down. Hope you are feeling better soon..................

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I completed treatment end of August and still get some aches and pains. I know carboplatinum gives a delayed neuropathy pain that often peaks 4 to 6 months after treatment; the fourth month being the toughest. Also, taxol can cause some delayed aching for months too. I think it is wise to take the workouts slowly. I read once (in an ACS book) to wait two to three months after treatment to really start working out. They said the reason could be an embolism (blood clot). When you think of what your body has been through it's not suprising that you have more aches and pains. When I was treated for breast cancer ten years ago it took two years to really be in shape (I use to be the aerobics queen) and strong again. I have decided this time to just start with stretching. I will very slowly move up as I also have neuropathy in the hands and feet. It's tough if you're use to working out and really sweating. The muscles and nerves have been attacked by this chemo regimen and it just takes time.

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I finished treatment June 10, 2009 and I still have a lot of aches and pains. When I questioned the doctor about it, I was told 6 months to a 1 year before I would begin to feel really good again. Also, that my body really was not even completely healed from surgery when we attacked it with radiation, then chemo. So, I try to patiently and without too much complaining, be grateful to be here to feel the aches and pains. I think the discomfort is worse each time I add a new activity or something I haven't done since BC (before cancer.)
Anyway... that is the long version of, I think we are all having some very real and normal aches and pains under the circumstances.

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I too am experiencing the aches and pains in my joints and muscles...I thought I had arthritis or worse....cancer had spread...I feel like an 80 year old, not to offend any women of that age. Last chemo was June 9th...and it was about 6-8 wks later that I began to stiffen...want to begin working out again...damm weight gain of 30lbs...was told it was much better to gain than loose...anyway, glad to be alive, plan to stay that way...my prayers to everyone, be healthy and happy.

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