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Heading for the End of My First Battle of this War

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After today, I will have but one radiation treatment left next Monday and I get my new 'constant companion' today, my constant 5FU pump. I'll get rid of that pump next Tuesday morning. My first battle will then be behind me.

My PET scan has been scheduled for November 19. In the interviening time I will rest up, fatten up (I'm still gaining about 1.5 pounds/week) and am very happy about that. I will also be reading, reflecting and praying for all my friends in their personal war with EC.

My last oxaliplatin treatment really laid me low. It was all I could do just to get to radiation this past Tuesday and Wednesday. Yesterday was a bit better, but the hyper-sensitivity to cold has really increased compared to the previous doses of this hard chemo brew. Leaving the hospital after getting this treatment, I had my insulated heavy gloves on, my vest, a warm jacket and hat. My hands were completely numb as well as was my face by the time I got to my truck and it was 48 degrees outside.

May God hold each of you in the palm of his hand.

Mike the Wild Goose

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Hi Mike,
Good luck to you for your scans in Nov., my husband goes back for his 1st set of scans on the 26th of this month since he was first dx in May. He underwent 6 rounds of chemo, the EOX, he's on Epirubicin, Oxaliplatin and Xeloda. My husband has ALWAYS been very warm but the drugs make him really sensative to cold too. We live in Wisconsin and has been a very cold fall, I've been trying to keep the house roasty by making lots of fires. My husband's worried how he will make it through the frigid cold winter. I was going to ask the doctor if he can lower dosages during the coldest months. My husband too has to wear thick gloves, his down coat and a hat if it gets below 55 degrees. I'm praying for a mild winter!!!
take care

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Hey Mike,

Glad to here from you. Sounds like you are winning this battle, you have made it through all of that horrible chemo with hardly a scratch which is great!!! Now just rest and get your strength back. I can't wait to here the outcome of the PET scan and then hopefully you will be on your way to surgery that is the plan isn't it.

Take care get lots of rest and get ready for the next battle.

God Bless!
Keep us posted.

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Hi Mike,
sorry did not see your post before this, my prayers are with you and hope you get thru the 5FU. I finished my last chemo but had problem after problem and was in the hospital extra long and then came home 2 days and went back in for neutopenia fever???? so hope all goes well with you and so sorry about that cold treatment, I take cisplatin and don't have it but one of my friends had it for colon cancer and had her neighbors get her mail and could not reach in the fridge without gloves etc. Cancer treatment sure ain't for sissies!!!! Mike you will always be my partner in crime having our treatments so close, I begin my Pet scans, EGD and other tests on November 13. Wishing you luck and good outcomes and of course prayers always!!

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Wonderful! Glad it is almost over for you. You deserve a much needed break.
My hubby just finished his radiation and chemo last week. He gets a 3 week break from it all. Then, they will do a PET Scan, CT Scan and an EUS (ultra-sound scope). We will find out the results on Nov. 19th. I sure hope it all comes back well and that the cancer has shrunk enough for surgery. I hope the same for you as well Mike. I'm sorry you've had to deal with the chemo that makes you feel so cold. My hubby was put on Cisplatin and didn't have the cold feelings, just the nausea and metallic taste to most foods.

I do have a question for you and for everyone else: Do you have major mucus problems in your esophagus? My husband has a lot of mucus - especially in the mornings. He has to cough it up but usually just throws it up because there is soooooo much! He says it is the consistency of uncooked egg yolks. Once he gets it all up, he can then swallow food and liquids. Just curious to know if anyone else has this and what you do for it. thanks~

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Just wanted to say I have been on Cisplatin too. I don't have mucus but I have loads of white foam which I have to spit up before I can swallow. Usually I burp and white foam appears and it can go on and on. Hope your husband's clears up sounds uncomfortable. It sounds like your hubby and myself and probably Mike will all be getting surgery around the same time. Good luck to your husband and hopes it gets better for him. take care,

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