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Avastin or Sutent. Anyone had any experience with these drugs?

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Has anyone used Avastin or Sutent to treat advance HCC? Where and what were the results? I have already tried Nexavar with no success and side effects. Please help!

Posts: 6
Joined: Oct 2009

Yes I am doing Avastin and have been for 14 months with stage 4 colon cancer with mastisis to the liver and lymphnodes.
I organic vegetable juice and drinking alkaline water. My liver function is fantastic along with bilirubin being normal with two cancer toumors. Labs are also normal.
I have not had a scan yet but due for one in the next month or so. My CEA was arounf 18-19
with + and - of 1 point in the past two months. My conclusion was that it only had such a smal drop because I have been on chemo for 14 months with 6 months off. When I took the six months off is when toumors have grown in the liver. Thus with the extended chemo the cancer cells are begining to mutate fighting and some winning against chemo. I am on all 5 colon cancer chemos. With organic vegetable juicing and alkaline water drinking my CEA has dropped 6 points in 10 days. As we know cancer cell do not survive in an alkaline invironment. They also do not survive in oxygenated invironment. Vegetable juicing and alkaline water is the key to holding the cancer back. When one receives chemo for the first time the CEA will drop quickly but as cancer cells start fighting it it will mutate and cancer will come back. Thus one must look into what kills cancer cells and how to maintain that invironment.
Hope this helps,

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