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NEED HELP! Last radiation treatment and seeking other alternatives

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I am 39 years old. I am Asian. I was diagnosed with advanced HCC in November '08. I had a 9cm tumor in my left lobe and multiple lesions in my right lobe. I had two Therasphere treatments (one in each lobe) and two chemoembolization(TACE). Each treatment proved successful in destroying the tumors and eliminating them entirely. However, new tumors continue to show up on my CT scans. MY current AFP is approximately 3400. I tried Nexavar in early August and was on the drug for seven weeks, five weeks at full dosage. However, it gave me side effects such as blistering in my hands and feet, severe abdominal pain, and fatigue. It did not help me. In fact, it seems my AFP went UP with Nexavar not go down! Right now, I will receive my last Therasphere treatment this Monday, October 19th. After that, it will have to be clinical trials. I have read articles from doctors in Asia who have done many Living Donor Liver Transplants (LDLT). I am hoping that I could possibly be a candidate if I can stabilize the tumors. My focus is now seeking a new drug to help slow tumors from growing. Does anyone have any idea what drugs I can try? I heard of Sutent and Avastin. I will need to check with my doctors at UW Madison. However, anybody who have any experience with these, please let me know!

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My heart and prayer go out to you. I am also 53 years old just recently dx with liver cancer with a single 6cm tumor. I don't know what to do with my case either as the doctor is suggesting that resection may not take out all the cancer cells and chemo is not really effective. Hang in there.

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I am in a similar situation only with melanoma in my liver. I am scheduling Cyberknife and high dose Vit C infusions. Please research those to see if it may be a help. My prayers are with you. God is such a comfort and strength to me.

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i TOO, AM LOOKING AT CYBERKNIFE it souds to good to be true. keep in touch, Bobbiek

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Hi I have Colon Cancer stage 4 that moved to my lungs and liver for this hole year they have worked on my liver and I also went though Chemoembolization and in Sep. 2009 a new thing that called Radiofrequency Ablation I don't if that would work for you but it's new and for what I read about it all hospitals don't do it
I wish you all the best and you are in my prays

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