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Anyone know of a good EC hospital down in the south?

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My mother was just diagnosed with EC and it seems she is being treated ok however it isn't a place that specializes in EC. Does anyone know of any such place in the southeastern US?

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You might want to let us know about where you are wanting so we can help you. We are here for you, and welcome to our site, We are a friendly group here and would love to hear more, so we can all share stories.

Lori aka MOE

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where are you? My dad is getting great treatment form DUKE---but I don't know of all the options around here..

hang in there...

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How far south? moffit Cancer Center is in Tampa FL....west coast of FL. We live on the east coast of FL and we are working with a hospital in Stuart FL which is affliated with Moffit. My husband has been dx with stage iv EC.

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I have heard MD Anderson in Houston TX. Dr. Agani

my best to you

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We are in suburban Atlanta.

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I would recommend
Dr. Robert Cerfolio at the University of Alabama.
is world renowned expert and skilled thoracic surgeon.
He only does thoracic surgery. He is known for taking patients at particular high risk.
Look his name up on google.... he comes up all over the place.

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