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Proton Therapy for Prostate Cancer. 5 Universities in USA now offer, more coming on stream

Lyman Duggan
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I am undergoing Proton Therapy at Shands Jacksonville University of Florida for Prostate Cancer and also see a lot of kids going for Proton to the brain. Its 3D specific and breaks up the Cancer DNA molecules to the point where the cancer cells cannot re produce. The cancer dies off in a matter of months. There are 5 Proton centers in the USA. Very expensive 150 million dollar machines that seem to be only at universities... maybe a good thing. First one in the US at Loma Linda in California. So many success stories.. 5 year cure rate for Prostate cancer in the high 90's percent~! Do your homework Google Proton Therapy. I hope this helps some unlucky kids and guys with prostate cancer and I see women with breast cancer too. I am a Shriner and work hard to keep our 22 Children's hospitals going~! We need all the help we can get. Never a charge for helping a child, Burns and limb problems. Shriner's hospitals in my will for sure~!!

Ask google Proton Therapy

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Oklahoma opened this summer bringing the number to 6 centers treating prostate. I wish everyone would do the research. I feel bad when so many guys talk about their dealing with side effects. Protons might be an option for you. It surely seems like protons have less side effects than surgery.

Talk to guys that have gone through it. Check out the Brotherhood of the Balloon. There are over 4000 members and most are willing to share their story.

I am currently undergoing treatment at Loma Linda and it really is a "radiation vacation".
Impotence and incontinence are not the norm.

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I would love to hear more about the current status of your proton beam radiation treatment. I'm recently diagnosed and am looking into PBT at Loma Linda but have not completely made up my mind yet. My PCa is stage T1c and I figured I would take the time to do all the research needed to feel comfortable with my decision.

Hope your treatments went well and that everything was a success.


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