7 mets on the brain

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I'm curious to find out what is considered to be large as far as mets on the brain. My Mother-in-law has 7, the largest being approx 1cm. She was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer that has met to brain, liver and nyods. Upon discovering the brain mets they started WB radiation within 2 days along with steroids. They told her at that time that she was 3-4 days from having a stroke. I can't seem to find anything on line that helps me with knowing what we're up against as far as the brain situation.


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    your mom in law has a
    your mom in law has a secondary brain cancer. that means that it is probably a result of her lung cancer. the steroid is probably decadron which is nasty but necessary to keep the brain tumor from growing while it is being treated. don't know if it also will keep the lung and liver cancers from growing. the steroid can cause aggression, sleeplessness, swelling (especially of the face) it will be tough. sorry to tell you that. keep in contact with the doctor who prescribed it. be assertive if you become concerned and ask for guidance from him or her, it is their job. good luck and keep posting i will be watching.
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    My mom is in a similar
    My mom is in a similar situation with 13 mets. on the brain. Cancer began in a gland or node in the neck, getting a scan of the neck tomorrow to find out where. A previous c.t. scan of the chest, abdomen and pelvis found no cancer but they did not check the neck. Has completed 15 radiation treatments and seems to be hanging in there so far . It will be one month since diagnosis in a few days . She is weak but still getting around ok. All we can do is hope and pray for the best. She is 75 years old . I hope your mom in law is doing ok.