there is hope :-) HIPEC/CYTOREDUCTION SURGERY for gastric cancers spread to peritoneum

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David L. Bartlett, MD is an Associate Professor of Surgery and Chief of the Division of Surgical Oncology. Dr. Bartlett's interests include all aspects of surgical oncology. His particular expertise is in the management of advanced, complex abdominal malignancies. Dr. Bartlett has written extensively on hepatobiliary malignancies including metastatic cancers to the liver, gallbladder cancers, and pancreatic cancer. He has had extensive experience in gastric cancer and abdominal sarcomas. Dr. Bartlett performs all surgical techniques related to metastatic cancers in the liver. This includes complex liver resections, radiofrequency ablation, infusion chemotherapy via an implantable pump, and isolated hyperthermic liver perfusion, an experimental procedure for patients with unresectable tumors confined to their liver. Dr. Bartlett also has a research interest in treating advanced carcinomas in the peritoneal cavity. This includes advanced appendiceal cancers, colon cancers, gastric cancers, peritoneal mesothelioma, and ovarian cancers. Dr. Bartlett has helped developed a technique for delivery of hyperthermia and chemotherapy directly to the peritoneal cavity as a recirculating perfusion. This technique delivers chemotherapy in the operating room to patients with disease confined to the peritoneal cavity. Dr Bartlett has a research interest in gene therapy and in the regional delivery of chemotherapy to different organ systems. Dr. Bartlett also has an expertise in the regional delivery of chemotherapy to the arm or leg. The isolated limb perfusion, as it is called, is most appropriate for melanoma which has spread throughout the arm or leg.