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Have question about fiber pilles

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I had rectal cancer surgery March 26Th and I still hate my colostomy I am back to work went back Aug 1th.
I seen the DR today cause I was in the hospital fore 2 day near the end of Sept cause I eat 2 corn
on the cobs oh lord I got so sick I could not stop throwing up the corn stopped things inside from

I still have my colon the surgeon removed my anise and rectum and sewed me up I have my colon and should
have a normal stool it should be firm but it is very soft it looks like a scoop of Ice cream the Dr said to take
fiber pills but I think fiber makes you go more I need help in this department how do you keep the stool firm will fiber pills work?

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I'm so sorry you're having such a hard time! I had an ileostomy, so my stools were always watery. It sucked! They told me to do the BRAT diet to firm things up. If they haven't told you about it, it's bananas, rice, applesauce and toast. There are other things that could work too for bulking up the stoolies.

I honestly don't know if probiotics will help in a situation like this? They helped me a lot after my takedown when things weren't coming out normal at all. Are you using your large intestine at all? If you are, probiotics might help, hell, they can't hurt. Try some Kefir in the dairy section by the yogurts. I know, it's my answer for everything! It's worth a try.

Hope you get some relief soon!


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Where the heck have you been, and how are you, I was thinking of you the other day, and wondering where the qwerty person was. Glad to see you!

Yeah, I don't eat too much corn, a few weeks ago I ended up in the hospital with I thought was going to be a blockage, but I moved...too much cheese in my pasta, and too much sauce! My doctors said to try and eat slow, with small portions, to help prevent those, there are certain foods that people with colostomies just don't handle well, and corn was one of them too, but I try to eat fiber through my raw veggies, and I do take a dose of Miralax in my apple juice once or twice a day, which does help keep things moving!

Just munch in real tiny bites as well, so they go through better as well :)

Hope alls been going well with you otherwise~

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Hello Q, I also have been missing you. I will look for you on chat this evening.

With a lot of your colon left, you really should have no problems eating Corn as long as you chew it and do not eat too much. I would ask the Doctor about the peristalsis action of your bowel and specifially the colon. Also make sure you are always well hydrated, I think the probiotics might help in this regard. Remember the job of the Colon is to leach water and salts from the stool.

Also Q, you might try Emailing Jane, you know who I mean.


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