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only radiation and no chemo for advanced mestatic prostate cancer/ also can you have vomiting problems with radiation

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Can you opt for no chemo and survive advanced mestatic prostate cancer. My dad only wants radaition and has the cancer spread to his bones in his shoulder and two spots other places

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I have advanced met cancer and have had it for over five years. I took only radiation and one hormone shot over 5 years ago. Whether a man chooses to receive chemo or not will make very little difference in how long he lives and your quality of life is usually better without the chemo. Chemo will not cure that severe a case of cancer. I attribute my success to staying active at work and play and getting all the stress out of my life. My wife died of breast cancer after suffering the effects of every treatment known to exist and I refuse to have my body subjected to the misery of more treatment. Chemo gives at most a few months of extended life when the cancer gets to this level. It is not worth the pain and expense to my family to do this any more. I had to file bankruptcy due to losing my job and insurance after I was diagnosed. I am now 58 and hope to live at least a couple more years. Every day is special and I do not look back or stress about any of it. I hope your dad has much success and I wish you all the best.

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To bajusbeach and 2ndBase:

Dendreon will be applying to the FDA next month for approval of Provenge. While Provenge isn't going to extend life significantly, it does have the promise to extend life beyond what chemo presently does, with the only side affect being one or two days of feeling like you have the flu. It's cost will be in line with the cost of chemo. It isexpected that the FDA will approve Provenge in mid-2010 and production will begin immediately afterward. It will be a far better approach to treating terminal PCa.

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I really appreciate that advice that you gave . My dad does not want to go though bad quality of life with chemo. He is getting a ORCHIOCTOMY( not sure how to spell that ) Soon instead of the hormone shots. He has no pain even though his right shoulder has cancer all thorugh it and even in the bone. He will getting radiation for amonth and then I think they will check a bone scan . HE has a spot on his rib and spine. He is happy just a little nauseaous . He started ahaing vomiting problemns after he got his prostate removed in 2005. The doctor gave him nexium . Can he be getting the barfs because of prostate problems or the nausea from radiation ?
My dad is a 72 year old widower of 11 yearsa and has three adults kids

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