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Weight Loss

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I am scheduled for surgery on the 29th. When you all had surgery did you lose weight afterwards? I am curious because I was on a diet before I was Dx on the 1st of July and had lost about 30 lbs. When I started chemo (Xeloda) and radiation, several people told me to go off of my diet because a majority of people will drop some weight during treatment. I actually gained about 8 lbs. To be at a healthy weight I still need to loose about 25 lbs. I am currently holding at a steady weight but doing a 2 mile walk everyday and wondered should I maintain until surgery or begin to lose again. Obviously, it is 16 days till surgery and I will not lose that much in that time but if my body needs the extra fat to burn...



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I lost weight after surgery (30+ pounds) but have put it back on after some time. It's a hell of a way to lose weight!
Good luck on your surgery

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Me too, Phil.

I lost weight after surgery and then gained 9 lbs during chemo. I've been working really hard to try and lose that weight plus another 5 or so lbs and have only gotten 2 lbs off in 7 weeks. I'd eat carefully now and not plan on being able to easily maintain the weight loss after surgery.

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I lost about 40 pounds after my surgery, and have since put 20 back on. I've been maintaining the weight I am now (which is quite a bit! :-)) for several months on chemo, but my doctor discourages any type of diet. Just healthy eating and exercise. Good luck with your procedure.


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I had started losing weight prior to colonoscopy/diagnosis and chemo/radiation prior to colostomy resulted in further weight loss as I had severe dsiarrhea, loss of appetite,fatigue, etc. Put on 9 pounds between end of treatment and surgery but since op on 9/2 have lost a few more pounds. At my age (59) and high metabolism, I probably won't ever get back to 178 pounds of muscle-am now 148 pounds of skin and bones. Hopefully, as time goes by and pain lessens maybe I will be able to eat more, exercise again and put on some more weight but I also do not want to increase stoma size (if too much weight gain?). I'm surpriseed you gained weight during treatment as just about everyone I met at cancer center here in Brooklyn, lost weight. Hope you recover fully and quickly.....Steve

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Thanks for the info and the well wishes for the surgery.


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I dropped 12 lbs the week after surgery. Gained 5 of those back before chemo. Lost 22 during chemo.

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dropped to 182 during rad/chemo then back after post op surgery and chemo to 216....Fat, sassy, and happy here.........

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