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I'm not a survivor yet but I plan on it. I'm not even sure what kind of cancer I've been diagnosed with. I know it's something like Liposarcoma. It's amazing for me to realize how little I know About something that has been growing in my own body. Im really not to scared maybe I haven't realized the severity of the situation I'm in because when I told my mom what was going on she cried. To me I don't really see what there is to cry about there's not really much I can do but leave my life in God's hands, were it's always been, and go to the doctor like I have been. I also what to find out what kind of resources there are for me out there since I am new to all this. I am only 32 yrs. old with a 2 yr. old son. I work at a job that offers no health ins. and am trying to get my degree in business admin. after not being in school since '95. I doing great until I got sent to a specialist out of state. I jsut wish I knew more aboutg how to handle thing financially.


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    hey you ! how do you do by
    hey you ! how do you do by now?