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any news on hollyberry? lets pray for her...

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i have been praying for hollyberry and her family since reading the post a few days ago, by longingforhope, that holly is close to the end of her earthly journey....:(

since the board attack, all the posts have been pushed out of order, and the post has disappeared, so i just wanted to bring her and her family back up so people can pray for her and her family at this time...

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I too have been keeping Hollyberry and her family in my daily prayers since reading that she is nearing the end. Godspeed Holly, your kind words will always be in my heart.

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The last I heard was on the 6th when she said "I have lost the battle and am going into Hospice. It has been a long, hard battle and I will be grateful to be in God's arms again." and on the 9th when she said, regarding telephone conversations, "I am guessing that I have somewhere between 2-4 months, depending on the speed of the brain tumors that have recurred. I am weak and cannot communicate well; I guess e-mail will be the easiest way to stay in touch."
I had just found Hollyberry and our cases are so similar! It really hurts to see this happening, she is such a fine lady.
i started on Gleevec in March 2009 after iL-2 quit working.

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I just read about Hollyberry and some of here replys. My case is so similar to hers (many tumors in the brains, lungs and throughout the body). I have them down to three as well (no on Gleevec but something else). PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if anyone hears from her let me know. It would do sooooooo much for my mental well being.

This last post was just such a let down I feel very deflated (even though I know all to well the outcome of Stage 4 Melanoma).

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Please don't give up hope! From the very first day I discovered these boards, you have been such a source of inspiration and hope for me. I know when your name shows up that I can always count on your posts for words of experience and wisdom. This is something I have learned from you: everyone's cancer experience is their own. We can learn from others, but no two people's cancer journey is going to be exactly the same. PLEASE DON'T GIVE UP.

You are in my prayers.
God Bless - You are loved.

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Thank you... That really means alot and at a time that it is needed most. I do agree that everyones journey is different and that we need to learn from each other. I started writing on this site in hopes that someone's hopes would be lifted but I also liked the open and honest replys that I have received. So I am torn on how to answer some of these threads.

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So sad to hear that Hollyberry isn`t well - her posts has also made me feel more hopeful. My husband is stage IV melanoma, but except for a mild cough he is doing ok at the moment. But the doctors have given up trying to help us, and we feel very much alone. We are fighting this battle on our own, searching, asking and listening.
Therefore I find CSN comforting and supporting, being in touch with other people who knows what this is about.
Best wishes for Hollyberry.

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