12 yr old son my have lung cancer

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My son got an X-ray of his chest for something non related that saw a spot on his lung and thought it might be pneumonia so they treated with antibiotics and we went back in 2wks to follow up. Did another x-ray and nothing had changed, they said it looked really abnormal thought it could be TB or Fungal infection so they tested for TB and histoplasmosis both neg. they did a CT and it showed that there were actually 2 spots one is 4.9 cm and the other is 2.2 cm on his right lung there is also patchy nodles on both lungs. We go to the pediatric pulomologist tomorrow but we are seriously scarred it is cancer. The other part that is scarry is that in the past three yrs both his dad and I were diagnosed with cancer, his dad with luekemia and me with lymphoma which started in my lungs. We are both doing pretty good now buy don't know what the hell is going on in our house. The spots that they found they described as airspace disease what does that mean?


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    Hi AJ
    I went through a very similar experience and I gave detailed info on a discussion called "questions." If you go back to the list, this discussion is only a few rows down from yours. Please click it and find my name.

    To make a long story short: They found a mass in my right lung measuring 7cm x 6cm and the ER doctor was sure it was cancer. But after quite a bit of testing (about 2 months) they determined it was not cancer. Turns out it was a really bad bactereial infection. Usually this can be treated with medication but in my case it was too late so they removed the upper right lobe. By the way, I also tested negative for TB and histoplasmosis.

    I know how afraid you are and I cannot tell you with any certainty that he does not have cancer. All I can tell you is there are a lot of possibilities so please do not imagine a worst case scenario.

    Good luck and please stay in touch. I will be thinking of him and anxiously awaiting his results.