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Craig`s surgery

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We all know what a blessing Craig has been to the board and I am returning the favor for the post he put up for me. Post here and send your prayers, good vibes, or whatever you feel comfortable with his way. Craig deserves all the goodness he can get. Not to discount the rest of you but he is the brother in immediate need of support.

We love you, Craig.


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He does need his own, and glad you posted it, I posted what I had to say somewhere else, but it's there somewhere. He has always been my lion of the board since he first came here, as I was reading all his posts, and spoke to him about how wonderfully supportive he is, and love how his posts are so witty, with or without the seriousness in it, even though we know how serious this is, and this surgery is pretty scary, and he knows he has me as his sister in cancer/good friend, and how much I've been thinking about him and what he's going to be going through. He's going through something, this robot, where not one of us has gone before, and even though it seems alittle exciting, it's also really scary, and I only wish Craig the best, he will fly through this and come roaring back onto this board to tell us all how this went, it may be something truly amazing.

Craig, you are an amazing person, and I knew that right when you first came to post. I'm glad you found us as your second family, and we're here for you through thick and thin, You are going to be alright, and my blessings and prayers and thoughts will be with you through all this, just think of us all (like in that commercial) of us just holding hands through all the states, miles of us, all over the country, singing for you as you go through this, "You Got A Friend" and that's all you need to picture, as they put you to sleep, and you'll wake up not even knowing what happened, but you will feel and know that we were all there, hand in hand with you!

Hugssss and lotsa Love!

Julie 44
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Hey Craig,
I know everything will go just right with your surgery you have been through to much already so enough is enough you did more than your fair share of dealing with the beast..
Thanks for the pm I am really grateful that you did that..It makes me feel really good that someone missed me...
You know that you have sooo much support from not just myself but from everyone on this board..You have been there for all of us now its our turn to be there for you full force..
So the best of luck with your surgery and know that I am praying hard for you..I think this will do wonders for you in the long run..Just follow up on the after care and make sure you REST!!! Do what they say and all will be good...God Bless..............JULIE

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Aw, Eric

I'm not sure if I'm deserving of such praise - today both you and Rob have bestowed the ultimate honor any of us can give to each other - and that's the THOUGHT of thinking of someone else, especially during difficult times. I'm just a man full of his own weaknesses and frailties, who now lives to try and think of you guys, but when I see a post opened for me by some one else, well then my heart "Soars Like an Eagle" in gratitude to you for such a loving act of kindess :)

You're a good man and I thank you - and thank for returning the favor, but it was absolutely no trouble at all for me to reach out for you...I told you a long time ago, that I would be an advocate for you and "speak for you" if ever there came a point where you could not for yourself.

I had gotten worried about you and opened a post, so that our wonderful community could leave messages for you - and that way when you were too sick to post from the Oxy that I suspected was "whupping you", at least you could read and feel that you were missed...I love ya' Guy, so it was just what I did for you expecting absolutely nothing in return.

I know that you would do the same thing for me if it were reversed(and you did)...my mind got dark and I realized that something might have gone wrong, and I had no way to really get a hold of you, I only had your number and did not know how to get hold of your Mom.

When I left you a voicemail and you did not answer, I got worried alot but did not let on, because I thought it's the Oxy, it's the Oxy and he's just sick...we all know that one from that stuff...but I thought if this goes on for many more days, what can I do to help Eric?

Well, as you said, cell phones don't swim, so that answered that and then I just let everyone know you were OK in an updated post, 'cause the community was hurting and worried about you...but then seeing your new post this evening, has made everyone feel so much better now...and me too.

You are my other half of the TEXAS 2-STEP and things would be dull without you in my life and the other folks too...while you may be known for your "wise crackin'" and that "Eric sense of humor", I also know a MAN, who has a tender side to him and whose wisdom about life's situations have been revelations to me when you have imparted them to me...so I know who you are and I think that side of you has much to offer everybody as well. And I thank you for this post and for all of the considerate things you have said to me in private and publically on this board...we need more people like you in this world.

I do have an UPDATE for everybody...my surgery is actually FRIDAY, October 16th @ 7am (CST). I happened to call the surgeon's office to find out why I wasn't notified of my pre-surgery check-in tests and paperwork - that's when I found out it was FRIDAY instead of Thursday.

Good thing I called, huh? I would have the only guy at The Party :)

What's that old joke - "What if they threw a party and nobody came?"

I've got one last post that I am mulling over in my head right now - I plan on writing it and releasing it around Tuesday now, I think...don't know what I'm going to say just yet, but the words always seem to come to me, so I look forward to that and hope that you will each read that one too...

Yes, Chicky...I'm a little worried and I won't lie to any of you, 'cause it just ain't me :)

It's going to be a big shindig in the O/R that morning...the surgeon and his team will be there along with the represenatives from the ROBOT company and undoubtedly they will be filming it for posterity for the hospital...hope I don't let 'em all down that morning...we gotta' get up about 3:30am to get down there by 5:30 and go through the ritual...and by 7:00am when all of my Semis; are tucked away cozy in their beds (wish I could be)...I will be saying hello to Mr. Da Vinci - "how youz doin'?"

So, Me, the surgeon and Da Vinci will be making some medical history down at the new hospital that I signed up with....yes, Donna, it's exciting to be sure, but a little scary - because THE UNKNOWN always is, if we're telling each other the truth - and I'm about Open and Honest communication between all of us.

Having said that..."roar"...or is it "ROAR!!!"

I can't wait to tell everyone about it when I come through it - I've been in a lot of pain in my back in between my lungs and can hardly sleep at night anymore, the pain is so bad, so I hope that this gets it...after that we'll see which way "Do we go, Doc...which way do we go?"

You GUYS and GALS are AMAZING and have restored my feelings and hope for mankind - NEVER have I know this much acceptance, love, or friendship ANYWHERE in my life - and I'll explain more about that on my post.

Well, I just don't know when to shut up, I guess...so I'll try now.

Thank you, Eric for being YOU and thank you everybody for accepting me for who I am and what I mean to you both collectively and individually. I certainly know what YOU each mean to me!

You've all brightened my day and enriched my life beyond the treasures that we are taught to VALUE in this lifetime.

"You've Got a FRIEND in TEXAS!"


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Two words - Amazing Man.

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I wanted to be sure to wish you all the best on Friday (good thing you called). You may not know it. Your posts have helped me fight this monster they call cancer and I'm sure they have helped others as well. I'll be thinking of you on Friday and will send good waves your way!!

You got a Friend in California too

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Craig, praying for a great result from this surgery and NO complications whatsoever, along with a speedy recovery.


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I'm praying for you! You are such a caring, wonderful person. Let us know as soon as you can how things are going with you.


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Wow! Robot surgery. On top of "how youz doin" throw in the wasup? Seriously, all my prayers and thoughts for you on Friday. You have been such an inspiration and caring person to so many people. Now it's your turn to be on the receiving end. You certainly have caught the true meaning of life.

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Friday Morning it is then! Thanks for the update and I look forward to your words later this week.

Thanks for starting this thread Eric.

Rob; in Vancouver

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You are such an amazing man ...always uplifting to all of us on this site. My husband is a semi colon but I do the posting. I keep your name also Eric, Donna, Clift and others on my prayer list and ask all our friends to keep you all in their prayers. Hope you know how much you mean to everyone on this site. Will be sending positive thoughts and lots of prayers you way. Keep the faith. Hugs from another Texan

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Thank you so much for putting adding me to your prayer list and sending out the word to your prayer warrior friends. It makes all the difference. The more prayers the better.

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You remain in my prayers.

I haven't been here long, but you (along with a few others) made me feel very welcome when I first arrived here in shock. Your honesty and openness makes it wonderful to read your posts and trust what you have to say. Finding information was at the top of my list initially, but as time goes on, what is even more important is the acceptance, love and support here, and YOU are one of the most accepting, loving and supportive people I've "met." Not to mention you are the only one I know as long-winded as me! ;)

I'm so glad you found out now about the date being Friday instead of Thursday! Nothing like getting all psyched up, and going through the nervousness, only to show up and find out you are a day early - now that would be very hard to take.

You wouldn't be human if you weren't worried about your surgery. But I'm glad you have the chance to take advantage of the new technology that keeps getting better, and giving us more options; more options to extend life, and a better quality of that life. We all owe a lot to those that are the "firsts," whether it be the first one to have new medicine, technique or equipment tried on them, or the first to help train a new doctor or nurse for a procedure. We owe you for agreeing to be the first in this new facility, and the one to help another doctor get certified on this incredible piece of equipment that is making life a lot better for many surgery patients.

I'll be thinking of you with your surgeon when I go see mine Friday (to hopefully schedule a new port insertion for next week).

Please have a friend or family member update us on the board as soon as you can. We will all be waiting anxiously for word of how things go - praying and sending you good vibes and angels to watch over you.

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We will be thinking and sending up prayers for you on Friday. Then we will sit patiently to hear from you once you are on the mend.



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Go Craig, GO!!
Robot surgery huh? I dunno - if you hear anything that even sounds like "Warning Will Robinson, Danger - Danger" You hop off that table pronto!!

I'll be holding you in the light and sending good thoughts for a speedy recovery. We'll all be eager to hear how it goes when you're back on your feet and feeling up to it.
Thanks for all your kind words and your wonderful generosity of spirit on this board - You've made me feel better when I needed it and I know that holds true for lots of others on here too.


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Best thoughts and good wishes for you from your Carolina friend. Think of us and think of positive thoughts. We will be with you in spirit.


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You're a brave one and our hearts are with you, just be a real good post-op patient and walk and move and cough when asked. I feel it in my heart this is going to work out for you.


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Best wishes. My family and I will make sure that this week we spend extra time in prayer for you! You are an awesome person, please keep the faith and fight the good fight.

Please keep those feet moving, breath deeply (I know it will hurt, but it needs to be done) and most of all take comfort in knowing that you are loved and cared about. We are all on your side.
"If the sky above you
Should turn dark and full of clouds
And that old north wind should begin to blow
Keep your head together and call our names out loud
And soon we'll be knocking upon your door.
You just call out our names and you know where ever we are
We'll come running to see you again.
Winter, spring, summer or fall
All you got to do is call
And we'll be there, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Youve got a friend"

Take care,

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I can relate of recent with your impending days, the surgery you will not even remember, but the days that follow will be some of the toughest of your life. I spent many hours stareing the walls and wondering when the pain and loneliness wound end, i wondered the halls of the surgery ward wondering what everyone else had and were there any cancer patients there with me. My family brought me lots of company and good will but they also caused stess as they tried to fix me. friends stoped by and felt sorry, only increased the loneliness, nurses and docs were a constate but ony brought the assurance of hardwork and constaant interuptions.

It was only when i got computer and was able to post that You Craig and all the others here was i releaved and felt like i could count on tomarrow again.

Craig i hope you understand we are there every step of the way and I am so greatful for you and this board, I heart felt post this for you. I pray to see you on the well side once again, and I know you will find the strength to survive this and all the days to come.

We are all strong,

I leave you with my new fav. line, (from playschool no doubt)

play, laugh, grow!!!!!!!

Love you

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I'll be thinking of you this week as you prepare to get rid of the cancer. You're a brave soul who has helped many here with you insight and kind nature.
I feel that you are up for this challenge and that you'll be home and on the mend in no time.

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...just don't call me late for dinner:)

You are killin' me, Phil - I'm reading in between the lines :)

Gotta' get up early to hang with you, Ol' Timer!

Thanks for the laugh, I can always count on you for that - that's 2x now! I just knew that ol' Phil was right around the corner with one of his patented "zingers."

Bang! Zoom! As Ralph Kramden used to say :)


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Good Luck Buddy, I will be praying for you, but I know you will be just fine. Looking forward to being one of your Texan friends when we move there in December. Do you know how long you will be in the hospital? That way we know when to expect you back, or will you have your laptop with you? Either way keep us posted as we will be awaiting any word from you.

God Bless you, and know he will be watching over you!


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Good luck and a speedy recovery I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers till we here that you are ok.


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Hi Craig,

You know I'll be praying for you and for everyone involved in your surgery this Friday. The Da Vinci robot is a great thing- they've been doing it for a while at UCSD here in San Diego, so I've heard and read a lot about it. I'm glad they're starting it at your hospital & you'll be famous now as the "guinea pig". :) I know all will go well.
Take care!!!!!!!


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Hello Craig,
I am new to doing this type of communication so bare with me. First I will pray for a geat outcome for you. I was looking on the site as I sometimes do to see if I can find more info or just encouragement. I have colon cancer and have the bad mutated k-ras gene so my 1st surgery and chemo didn't work. When I had my second surgery there was an oppertunity for me to donate some of my cancer to START for research so I did. May be that will help someone else and it cost me nothing. Anyway sorry chemo brain, my second surgery was June 3rd 2009 (now have a colostomy) I'm on CPT 11 now and am NOT LETTING THE CANCER get me down. I just stated walking on the treadmill to build up again. I am blessed that I have my family and that I see life sooo differently now. I truly believe that God does work in all our lives we just have to pay attention. I'm not glad I got cancer however I have become a better person because I had it.
I just turned 61 WOW where did the time go. I have to remind myself daily that I'm not driving this body God is, and give God the control to help and love me. I felt I needed to share this with you as my husband is named Craig and one of my sons is named Eric. I hope this message helps you. Oh and about Hospitals you and or your care giver pretty much has to check and stay on top of everything (squeaky wheel gets the grease).
God Bless you,

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You will be in my thoughts and prayers and I am sure that everything is going to go just fine. You have been such an inspiration to this board and I always appreciate you responding to my posts, even when you have to be blunt you do it with utmost concern. I will be awaiting that wonderful post that things are fine with you and that the surgery went well. I am anxious to hear your good news and wish you the speediest recovery.

Hugs and Prayers! Kim

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You know I'll be praying! I pray for all our friends several times a day.

Hey, did you say you'd be at MD Anderson for your surgery? Our administrative Pastor and his wife plus two of our church friends arrived there today. Donna Powell (Bro. Jeff's precious wife) is having surgery tomorrow. She has been fighting thyroid cancer for 5 years. First they told her it would never return .... but it has on a regular schedule. She has 3 or 4 nodules (again) around her major artery and vocal cord.

They were joined by Bill and Diane Stephens. I'd LOVE to have you meet them! They are all great friends and fun, funny, loving people with the biggest hearts around. :o)

Much love, many prayers and only good thoughts,

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No, Diane

I'm going to be at Zale Lipschy which is on the UT Southwestern Medical Center campus here in Dallas, Texas.

But hey, I was born in Houston :)

Best of luck to your friends...and I hope her surgery goes well tomorrow.

You make them sound so nice - I wish I could meet them :)

But DO give them my kindest regards and I thank you for your friendship and kind thoughts too.


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You have been such a friend to all on this site and you always have something good to add or just a fresh perspective. I appreciate the time you have taken to help me out, and you really have. This whole cancer thing really boils down to perspective as far as dealing with it on a daily basis and you have shown me that----THANK YOU.

I will be thinking of you before during and after your surgery. You sir are a brave man and will no doubt come through this with flying colors. I'm sending all the good vibes and positive thoughts I can to Texas. Just know we all are pulling for you and your family and we can't wait to hear from you on how it went.


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My thoughts are with you and your wife as you near the date for your surgery. I’m sure your mutual anxiety levels are off the chart as I write this, but I am equally sure that your loving bond is the greatest comfort you both have as you face this challenge.

It certainly sounds like you have done your homework and have assembled an able team of doctors. Your surgeons will be guided by the best of the best in modern technology and modern science. Having been a high school history teacher, I often think how much we take the advances in modern medicine for granted. In the not too distant past, even the most powerful personages would have had care far inferior to what you will receive at the end of this week.

Your good-spirited posts on this board about your own health challenges and your unflaggingly-supportive posts for others in dire need of information and encouragement have been exceptional. Unfortunately, we live in a world of edginess, where the bullies, the narrow-minded, and the mean-spirited who live among us tend to capture the spotlight and control the conversation. You, on the other hand, have touched many lives in a very positive way. I hope you take great comfort in knowing that.

If nothing else buoys your spirits, think of the cool hospital food and the stylish hospital gowns.

Break a leg on Friday, my friend.


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I wish you the best of luck,and I'll be praying for you.May god be with you.

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Craig, what can I say, you are an incredible guy and I consider you a friend. I am praying for you so hard and I am looking forward to talking to you after surgery. God bless you, Patti

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I hope your operating room is big because it is going to be crowded with EVERYONE'S positive thoughts and prayers! You have a special way of connecting with all of us and I am helped by your comments nearly every day. May the robot ROCK!

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I have no doubt that you will recovery quickly and be back on this board in no time. If anyone can do this, you can. You are one of the most amazing people that I have been lucky enough to meet(on internet). I think your wisdom, strong will to help others and base of knowledge makes you an asset to this site. YOu are AWESOME... Take care. Petrina

Fight for my love
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Hi my dearest brother,I have been praying for you for many days.I am just hoping everything will go well and your surgery will be done successfully.Hugsss.

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You are in my daily prayers

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Oh Craig,
you are without a doubt a true gem. I am praying to God for you and your remarkable surgery. I know that you'll be fine, you are such a great trooper, and so kind to others. Take care and looking forward to your post op posts!
Much love!

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I believe in prayer, when I had surgery, many people prayed for me, I certainly will pray for you, you are so special, may God send you extra blessing. I live in Houston, we are neighbor, take care.


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You are always full of good thoughts for others on the board and now everyone is keeping you in their thoughts for your upcoming surgery. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers!!!


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You are the heart and soul of this board and a source of immeasurable light. Not only are we lucky to have your beautiful fighting presensce on this board, but the people in "real life" I'm sure are better people because of you.

Prayers lifted for you


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Just think...History in the making, you can see wer're all with you me lion, and you will do great, I can't wait to hear all about. Thoughts and prayers all throughout the recovery!


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