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Has anyone had re-irradiation using Exactrac? (Recurrent Nasopharyngeal)

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Has anyone had re-irradiation using Exactrac? My brother has recurrent nasopharyngeal tumor stage IV that has grown so large that this is what team has recommended. So far my brother is deciding to opt for NO treatment as he doesn't want to be that sick from treatments in front of his kids. He would be getting chemo with cisplatin again as well.

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Sorry to head the bad news, I had my NPC come back three times, it’s no fun fighting again, the good news is that I am still alive to help other through.

Your brother needs to make a choice, whether to get sick or die in front of his children, the treatment is harder the second time but you can survive it and live on to see them grow up.

Understanding what makes the Cancer come back is very difficult, I have re-searched it but come up with nothing except a virus or living in Chine. However they are ways to prevent it, by strengthen the body’s own defense system.

My e-mail is on my port, I can show you what I am doing; just remember what works for someone might not work for someone else.

One thing that works for everyone is prayer

I will keep you and your brother in my prayers

God Bless

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Jest want to say Thank You for your message, it means alot! I know and agree with you about the foods we eat, as well as the environment we live in and how it can affect healing and health. I read the replies to posts regarding my mom and brother to them. Each is a little prayer answered and yours is another! If you want to be so kind and add them to your prayers, my brothers name is Troy, Mother is Patricia. Your doing so is so much appreciated and I am so grateful! Hondo is a part of our prayers also!

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