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Miaderm Radiation cream

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I started radiation one week ago for breast cancer. I started using Miaderm radiation cream the first day of my treatment. What kind of results has anyone had using this cream or should I be using something different. I will be receiving a total of 35 radiation treatments.

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Use what your radiation doc & nurses tell you to use. They did not give me mine until about week 2 or 3 & I had to use it three times a day. I slathered it on -

My rads (33 in all) are done. They wanted me to use the cream after, also, but I haven't due to other (non cancer) health problems.

Good luck!

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ONLY use what your oncologist prescribes and don't use it within 4 hours of your radiation treatment, as it can interfer with the radiation,ESPECIALLY anything that is petroleum based, so I have been told. I am using RadiaPlexRx that my oncologist gave me. I had treatment #18 of 33 this morning....getting a little red and tan....They also suggested that if I wanted to wear a bra to wear a sports bra with a WIDE band, so that it does not irritate under the breast, which they said is one of the most vulnerable spots.
I wish you well

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My Onc nurse mentioned both Miaderm and Eucerin's Aquaphor. She gave me samples for both to try. She also mentioned pure Aloe Vera (straight from the plant). It's possible to find it in a tube from some health store as well.

At her suggestion I started using them from day one (after each treatment). Now granted, I'm only on day 3 of radiation, so I can't tell yet which will help better. Aquaphor is less expensive, but harder to spread and can get on clothing a bit. Miaderm is more like a thin cold cream for consistency, so is easy to spread, but is expensive.

Don't know what I may experience for the skin irritation part. But, I'm already experiencing the little pain pinches (I call them "mouse bites") from the irritated nerves. Wish there was a cream for those. (g)

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to use Miaderm by my rads onc and it was wonderful. I had no burning or blisters AND Miaderm doesn't get all over your clothes. I was really happy with it.

Best of luck to you,


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I am finished with radiation treatment and can swear by Miaderm As the best. I have used all sorts of other creams, aquaphor too greasy and other radiation creams. Miaderm has the calendula,and aloe working in a way that is immediately soothing and eliminates irritation. Its expensive, but purchasing all the other creams added up to much more money that I had t dump I to the garbage. After. I  Was done with radiation, I still used Miaderm, the scent is also aromatherapic. It's also great for sunburns and just dry, irritated skin. Best wishes!!

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Double Whammy
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it was the radiation oncology nurse who recommended it to me.  She was also a bc survivor who had had radiation, so I got some.  I did like it, but I don't know if it was magic or not.  I just know I only slightly burned and I'm pretty fair skinned.


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My RO nurse started me out first thing with Miaderm when I had rads last Aug/Sept.  I went through one tube and barely started with the second one.  Your post-rad ideas are appreciated, as I wasn't sure what I was going to do with what I had left over.


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I have limited funds so any ideas where I can buy this the cheapest? I am burnt till I am raw and bleeding I see the doctor tomorrow. I am going to ask him about using this cream Miaderm.

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